Our brand message

We're passionate about hygiene and cleanliness.

We come from Japan, where these are important aspects of our cultural heritage. Hygiene and cleanliness are standard practices that people use to maintain good health and improve their well-being. We aim to improve everyday hygiene and cleanliness with our guiding principle, CLEANOVATION. The unique technologies in our products are designed to make lasting improvements in people's health and well-being.



TOTO's clean innovation


Clean gives peace of mind.


Clean makes life beautiful.


Clean feels refreshing.


Clean is caring for people and the planet.


Clean brings wellness to everyday life.


TOTO innovation brings a new world of clean to life, enriching every moment of every day.



Perfect interplay of TOTO hygiene technologies

“Clean Synergy” is how we describe the interplay of special hygiene technologies: WATER+, PREMIST, TORNADO FLUSH, CEFIONTECT and rimless design are technologies with completely unique impacts. Together, these features have a truly unique impact. In combination with WASHLET™ and the corresponding TOTO toilet, for example, they ensure maximum hygiene – giving people the confidence that WASHLET™ is perfectly clean with every use. 


  • EWATER+ cleans both the ceramic toilet bowl and wand jet with electrolysed water, which has cleansing, dirt-repellent properties. 
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  • PREMIST sprays the toilet bowl with a fine mist of water, which makes it more difficult for dirt and waste to stick. 
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  • CEFIONTECT is a special glaze that keeps the surface looking brilliant for years, and also keeps bacteria or waste from accumulating in the bowl.
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  • RIMLESS TOILET BOWL, all TOTO toilets are rimless. It's easy to clean every inch of the bowl, making it impossible for dirt and bacteria to accumulate.
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