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An extra exclusive hotel experience

Timeless elegance, surprising innovations: Guests at Andaz Vienna Am Belvedere enjoy an especially exclusive TOTO experience.
Vienna’s new Andaz Vienna Am Belvedere hotel is home to 350 TOTO toilets alone. The timeless and classic design of TOTO products makes them the perfect complement to the luxurious atmosphere throughout the building. The entrance to Andaz Vienna Am Belvedere: spacious and modern, with carefully chosen design and colour accents. The planners intend to delight guests with their interior design and exclusive bathroom furnishings. The fascinating structure appears to float on top of pillars, seeming simultaneously massive and lightweight. Famed architect and Pritzker Award winner Renzo Piano designed the project in which luxury lifestyle hotel Andaz Vienna Am Belvedere recently opened its doors. The planners (archisphere) insisted on installing separate toilets in the hotel rooms. They chose TOTO ES toilets, which have a characteristic curved shape. The suites feature SG WASHLET™ models, which offer all hygiene and comfort technologies available from TOTO. Guests will enjoy the benefits of gentle warm water cleansing, for example. The planners (archisphere) insisted on installing separate toilets in the hotel rooms. They chose TOTO ES toilets, which have a characteristic curved shape. The suites feature SG WASHLET™ models, which offer all hygiene and comfort technologies available from TOTO. Guests will enjoy the benefits of gentle warm water cleansing, for example. The planners were impressed by the design and functionality of TOTO products, incorporating the elegant, touch-free faucets and streamlined hand dryers in public washrooms. TOTO urinals are installed in semi-public areas. These rimless urinals are accessible from all sides, making them easy to clean. They feature our CEFIONTECT glaze and moulded odour trap for ideal hygiene. A view of one of the spacious suites. The interior design exudes clarity and quiet, featuring just a few carefully chosen accents – making TOTO’s design the ideal choice. Like the bathrooms, the individual areas of the spacious rooms at Andaz Vienna Am Belvedere are clearly structured and comfortably furnished.

Timeless elegance, a soothing atmosphere and surprising innovations: Guests at the new Viennese Hotel Andaz Vienna Am Belvedere are welcomed by the highest calibre interior design and products. The new building, which opened in April of this year, was designed by star architect Renzo Piano. Viennese design studio archisphere designed the bathrooms at the luxury boutique hotel, incorporating several TOTO products – including WASHLET, toilets and high-quality touch-free faucets. “It’s important to create a unique experience that people don’t have every day – one that goes beyond what they have at home,” archisphere designer Elisabeth Fellner explained.


Famed architect Renzo Piano designed the architecture for Andaz Vienna Am Belvedere hotel, which opened in April of this year. The centrally located hotel promises a rooftop bar with a stunning panoramic view of Vienna skyline and 300 rooms. Part of the Hyatt Group, the hotel style is shaped by the highest quality materials, exclusive furnishings and special details, like the contemporary Austrian artwork found throughout the building. The rooms were designed by Viennese design studio archisphere, with a special focus on the bathroom design.


A classic, elegant interior
Elisabeth Fellner from archisphere described the concept behind the bathroom design: “It was important to us to create spacious bathing areas in the guest rooms. We wanted them to be open, but adaptable depending on people’s desires for privacy.” She continued: “A large shower and separate toilet was a must for every room.” The bathroom interiors are classic and reserved, with individual elements, accessories and refined details added as tasteful accents. “A sliding door with a unique design in every room can be moved in front of the toilet or bathroom, creating new impressions for guests – even if they visit the hotel multiple times,” Fellner explained.


Impressive design and functionalities from TOTO
archisphere chose TOTO products for the bathrooms in both the hotel rooms and public areas, installing around 350 classic TOTO toilets and touch-free faucets. TOTO toilets stand apart from the competition for their rimless toilet bowls and especially effective TORNADO FLUSH. All public areas are equipped with hand dryers, urinals and automatic faucets from the Japanese bathroom supplier. The six luxurious suites are equipped with WASHLET™ models – TOTO’s exclusive, comfortable shower toilet. The designer described how impressed she was by the elegant design and innovative technology of TOTO products: “The design and functionality of TOTO products made a winning impression – whether hand dryers, faucets or WASHLET™."


A special experience: WASHLET™
For many guests, the opportunity to use a TOTO shower toilet is a special, unique one. Many hotels still have separate toilets and bidets – not a product that unites the two. Guests who stay in the suites at Andaz Vienna Am Belvedere will enjoy the luxurious feeling of gentle, warm water cleansing along with several other comfort technologies available in the SG WASHLET™. This model incorporates all TOTO WASHLET™ standards – including the characteristic warm water spray, heated seat, odour-absorbing deodorizer, dryer and ewater+ function. This cleans the toilet bowl and wand jet with antibacterial water to ensure the utmost in hygiene.


Delighting guests
The planners focused on the well-being of the hotel’s guests and their need for quiet and serenity when developing the minimalistic, understated design, which features exclusive ceramic elements. But these aren’t the only concerns – the guests should also have a special experience. “Every bathroom layout should be very relaxing, whether with a bathtub or just a shower. The fixtures should be functional, but delight our guests with innovative, unique features,” Fellner explained. “After all, this is an experience that people don’t have every day. The bathroom should be beyond what people have in their own homes,” said the designer. At the same time, the planning team noted that guests are increasingly inspired by hotel bathrooms when designing their own bathrooms at home – just one reason why a visit to Andaz Vienna Am Belvedere is so special.
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