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TOTO reaches record WASHLET™ sales

WASHLET™ are growing in popularity, with over 50 million sold since being brought to market in 1980.
The elegant WASHLET™ RX is one of the latest WASHLET™ models from TOTO. The design of the new RX is consistent and harmonious. The NEOREST belongs to the TOTO WASHLET™ of the luxury class and has, in addition to the standard hygiene technologies have proven to offer some extras, including the enhanced Hygiene function EWATER+. TOTO continues to develop its WASHLET™ models in function and design. With its clear form, the new WASHLET™ SX expands the range of shower toilets and integrates the proven hygiene technologies.

TOTO’s shower toilets – known as WASHLET™ – have gained a firm foothold in the European market for over 10 years now. The Japanese market leader was recently named “World’s no. 1 brand” in shower toilet sales. The TOTO brand, embodying the pinnacle of stunning design, comfort and Japanese bathing culture, constantly impresses with its technical innovations – inspiring more and more people to embrace the luxury and comfort of the shower toilet. Of these, 10 million were sold in the past four years alone.


There’s no better way to show a product’s success than its outstanding sales. TOTO has sold an impressive 50 million WASHLET™ since their launch in 1980, with 10 million of these in the past four years alone – around the entire world. According to a study conducted by the Japanese government, 77.5 of all Japanese households have shower toilets – and they are increasingly common in public spaces as well, such as shopping centres, office buildings, train stations, airports, trains and airplanes. Luxury hotels and private homes Architects and designers trust the reliable quality and high-tech features of the shower toilets. This is why they are increasingly popular in the suites and rooms of luxury wellness hotels with a strong focus on design and comfort. TOTO WASHLET™ are found in Europe’s best hotels – from the nearly 100-year old Hotel Schloss Elmau near Garmisch-Partenkirchen to the sophisticated flair of Grandhotel Vier Jahreszeiten Kempinski Munich and exclusive Park HYATT Vienna. These major names are trendsetters, and their international guests often borrow interior design ideas to replicate in their own homes.


Enjoy comfort
nce people have enjoyed the benefits of the shower toilet, they don’t want to do without. Some even describe the first time they used WASHLET™ as a life-changing, comforting experience. The heated toilet seat that warms to body temperature and extendable wand jet for intimate warm water cleansing are standard WASHLET™ features available since the very first model. Warm air dryers and a self-cleaning function using antibacterial water are also available in other models – features that make this toilet ideal for even the most discerning tastes.


Cleanliness through innovation
WASHLET™ embody the idea of “cleanovation” – a blend of the words “clean” and “innovation” – by representing the highest standards of hygiene. Purity is TOTO’s highest priority. All toilets are equipped with the highly efficient TORNADO FLUSH. The powerful whirlpool created by the flush thoroughly cleans the entire inside of the toilet bowl with just 3 or 4.5 litres of water, leaving nothing behind. The wand jet is positioned above the ceramic bowl, and a flap protects it from flush water and even faeces. It’s also easy to descale all WASHLET™ models.


Clean, streamlined design
The rimless design of the shower toilet has become a veritable classic in the industry. The angular WASHLET™ SX and its curved counterpart, WASHLET™ RX, introduced in 2018, sport new, even more streamlined designs. The ceramic and WASHLET™ blend together seamlessly to create a harmonious unit. These models expand the selection of shower toilet models with their proven comfort technologies. TOTO Europe Sales Director Hubertus Brüggemann is confident about the potential for these new models: “These innovations have the outstanding functional and aesthetic quality to help WASHLET™ maintain its international leadership as the “World’s no. 1 brand” in shower toilet sales.” As an innovator in sanitary technologies, TOTO is always striving to enhance bathroom design and hygiene – and is setting new standards in this field world-wide, even in terms of the great value for money TOTO offers to consumers. The extraordinary success of 50 million WASHLET™ sold speaks for itself.


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