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Qui trovate i comunicati stampa sui prodotti, le innovazioni e le tecnologie di ultima generazione che abbiamo introdotto nel settore dei sanitari e su TOTO, il produttore di sanitari leader in Giappone, che opera in tutto il mondo.

A tiny space for a shower toilet

TOTO is touring through German cities in the “smart house” – showing inspiring ideas for the smallest possible bathrooms.
The Wohnglück-Smarthaus launched by Bausparkasse Schwäbisch Hall and touring Germany today shows just how comfortable it can be to live in just 25 square metres of space. One of the carefully chosen products is TOTO’s WASHLET™ RX. The timelessly elegant design so characteristic of Japanese bathroom manufacturer TOTO is ideal for small floor plans. There’s no reason to compromise on comfort – on the contrary. Photo: Studioraum View into the interior of the smart home, which seems spacious despite its tiny floor plan. The stylish interior continues into the bath. Photo: Studioraum The TOTO shower toilet – WASHLET™ RX – is currently touring German cities as part of the tiny bathroom of a smart home that people can visit through October 2019. The shower toilet offers comfort, an appealing design and an unparalleled fresh, clean feeling in the smallest space possible. Photo: Studioraum The smart house is equipped with TOTO’s RX model. It’s possible to get to know the benefits of the shower toilet and be inspired to make it part of one’s own home. TOTO WASHLET™ appeals to people of all ages. The smart house shows the latest technologies that make people’s lives more comfortable. TOTO offers a remote control with easy-to-understand symbols to operate WASHLET™ RX. Up to two users can save their individual settings, such as the temperature and pressure of the water spray.

Comfortable living in 25 square metres? The project initiated by Bausparkasse Schwäbsch Hall, “Wohnglück Smarthaus-Tour”, was planned by the Berlin-based start-up Cabin One and is currently touring Germany through October 2019. The goal is to show many interested people, developers and modernisers how to create a space-saving, functional yet appealing interior design in an extremely limited amount of living space. The smart house has a footprint of 2.50 times 10 metres – large enough to cleverly incorporate one of TOTO’s shower toilets, the RX. After all, comfort and hygiene still play an important role in even the smallest bath. Many smart home visitors have the opportunity to use the shower toilet for the first time – and consider making it part of their own homes.


Living in extremely small spaces is becoming an increasingly important topic in major population centres with housing shortages. The “tiny house” concept was invented in the United States, but living in the smallest space possible has always been part of everyday life in Japan. People here use a number of products to compensate for the lack of living space while staying comfortable – and many are gaining popularity in Europe. One example is the shower toilet, which combines the functionalities of a toilet and bidet into one unique product. In addition to saving space, the integrated technical features make it especially hygienic. A wand jet integrated into the seat provides gentle, pleasant warm water cleansing. The Japanese company TOTO has made its shower toilets famous around the world under the name WASHLET™ – and has now sent it on an informational tour with the Wohnglück Smarthaus-Tour.


TOTO WASHLET™ brings hygiene and comfort to the smallest smart bath
The designers chose WASHLET™ RX because it meets all of the requirements of a comfortable, space-optimised bath in a mini house. Its timelessly elegant shape and individual remote control operation allows people of all ages to use the adjustable comfort and cleansing features of WASHLET™. While young users can enjoy the fresh, clean feeling that comes with WASHLET™, older people or those with physical limitations are delighted to use the toilet independently. Gentle warm-water cleansing is possible at the touch of a button – and is much more effective than any toilet paper. A remote control makes it easy to control the temperature and pressure of the water spray. Two users can save their preferred water spray settings, making it possible to use these custom settings at the touch of a button. The wand jet even cleans itself before and after each use – for very thorough cleanliness. The smart house also gives people a chance to find detailed information about the special features of WASHLET™. TOTO has sold 50 million WASHLET™ models world-wide since 1980, and is considered the market leader with unparalleled expertise. Expert consultants on side provide information about the products used in the smart house.

TOTO has its own page about WASHLET™, which also helps people find a dealer nearby:


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