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We’ve all heard that happiness is enjoying the little things in life. This saying takes on a whole new meaning in the new film from Wim Wenders, called "Perfect Days”. Find out why TOTO makes an appearance in this movie.

Hirayama and his niece Niko sit on a bench and look up smiling. © DCM Film Distribution GmbH

Happiness is in the simple things

The documentary-style film tells the story of Hirayama, a toilet cleaner who leads a simple life in the Japanese metropolis of Tokyo. Every day is the same routine. Many people might find this seem monotonous and simple, but this is exactly where Hirayama finds happiness and contentment.


The things and activities he loves: a canned coffee, cassettes with rock songs from the 60s and 70s, books and analogue photography, which he uses to capture moods. All of these things enrich his everyday life.

Hirayama is lying on a futon reading a book. © DCM Film Distribution GmbH



TOTO makes an appearance in the film: Hirayama cleans the toilets at THE TOKYO TOILET facilities. These aren’t your ordinary toilets, but the unique THE TOKYO TOILET PROJECT completed by the Nippon Foundation. These toilets, which actually exist in Tokyo, are the subject of a previous article. To the article


In the film, presented at the Cannes Film Festival in May, Hirayama drives around and cleans the various public toilets in the Japanese city’s famed Shibuya district. But these public toilets aren’t as bleak or unsavoury as one might imagine. On the contrary – each of the 17 facilities is an architectural highlight designed by world-renowned architects and designers. Among them such dazzling names as Tadao Ando and Shigeru Ban.

On display is the toilet house designed by Tadao Ando. It is round and reminiscent of a UFO.

TOTO products as supporting actors in the film


The unique and modern look of these public toilets isn’t the only special thing about them – the innovative concept behind them is as well. They meet very high standards of hygiene and are designed to make users feel comfortable. As such, the toilets are always clean and inviting, and accessible to everyone. All THE TOYO TOILET facilities feature TOTO products because they are extremely durable, accessible and meet the highest standards of hygiene. Of course, these also include WASHLET®.

On display is the toilet house designed by Shigeru Ban. The three compartments are in the colors orange, red and purple. One can see inside.

This is where Hirayama does his work during the film, fully committed and especially thorough in the process. When someone comes to use the toilet, he makes himself virtually invisible to avoid disturbing them.

The protagonist rests completely in himself and experiences the perfect day every day with his work, but also with the small and simple things in his life.


Want to catch this movie and see THE TOKYO TOILET in action? It will be in UK movie theatres starting on 09 February 2024.

Of course, we’re going to see it as well. Enjoy!

Hirayama stands in front of a mirror in a public toilet. © DCM Film Distribution GmbH

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