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WASHLET® and me

Much more than a shower toilet


Maybe you’ve asked yourself: What is WASHLET® exactly?


Put simply: It’s a shower toilet, a toilet with a bidet feature, or you may have heard it referred to as “the Japanese toilet”. But it’s much more than just that. Why? Keep reading to learn more.


Wall-mounted WASHLET® RX
A hand holds a remote control for a WASHLET®.

How a shower toilet works


A shower toilet looks pretty much like a regular toilet at first glance. But if you take a closer look, you can quickly spot one special feature: the remote control. This allows you to activate a variety of functionalities.


The most significant functionality of a shower toilet is that water is used for cleansing after the person uses the toilet. Many “newcomers” often respond at first with a puzzled look. In our society, it’s A) weird “to be sprayed with water down there” and B) people don’t like talking about this topic. But once people understand how a shower toilet works, you’ll probably not want to use a conventional toilet ever again.

Picture shows a WASHLET nozzle with hot water

The Japanese toilet


To do this, we’re taking you to the land of smiles: Japan. A shower toilet is as much a part of everyday life in Japan as brushing your teeth in the morning and at night. Hygiene is an important aspect of the culture. It’s much cleaner and more hygienic to cleanse yourself with water after using the toilet than wiping with toilet paper. This is why we at TOTO, Japan’s leading sanitary company, developed the original shower toilet – called WASHLET®.


“Ewwww – and then it sprays water down there”? Yes. But you really shouldn’t say “ewww”. After all, using water to wash the intimate areas after using the toilet is far more hygienic.


Let’s use another everyday situation to explain this more clearly – for example, washing your hands: We use water to wash our hands because it makes it easier to wash away dirt, waste and bacteria. We wouldn’t be able to do much with just paper. After all, paper alone isn’t very effective at cleaning. This principle also applies to intimate cleansing after using the toilet. Using water is far more effective and hygienic. It’s logical, right?

A revolution in personal hygiene


The 1980s marked a revolution that elevated personal hygiene to a new level around the globe. And its success just shows how much people love this new, unique feeling of cleanliness: TOTO has sold over 60 million WASHLET® world-wide since launching the shower toilet. And once people use it, they won’t want to do without it.

"A new, unique feeling of cleanliness."

A nozzle is shown from which a jet of water is coming. The jet of water consists of individual large drops, the gaps between which are filled with smaller drops. The further the drops move away from the nozzle, the more they open up.

WASHLET® - more than just a shower toilet


To put it more precisely, WASHLET® is more than just a shower toilet – much more! It’s an attitude towards life. It’s hygiene and cleanliness, comfort and hospitality, a feeling of luxury in people’s everyday lives. It might sound a little strange at first to associate these attributes with a toilet. But once you’ve used WASHLET®, you’ll know just how beneficial cleansing with this gentle stream of water can be.


Now that we’re on the subject, let’s explain how the cleansing feature works. Original WASHLET® has a wand jet that sprays water at the touch of a button. It’s possible to adjust the positioning of the wand jet and spray, as well as the water pressure. This ensures that you clean only the areas that need it without getting anything wet that shouldn’t be.


Once you’re finished cleaning up with the water spray, the dryer activates to provide a pleasant, dry and clean feeling. Other features include the heated seat, which is especially comfortable on warm winter days. And the DEODORIZER cleans the air in the toilet bowl, eliminating unpleasant odours.

WASHLET® RW in a bathroom environment

WASHLET® - the full-service package


Beyond ensuring the greatest possible hygiene, WASHLET® is a life-changing product that brings a feeling of harmony and well-being into one’s everyday existence. In essence, going to the toilet becomes a full-service package. And if you haven’t had the pleasure of trying the original shower toilet from TOTO, you should definitely change that. Here is a list of locations where you can try WASHLET®. What do you need to remember about hygiene when buying a shower toilet? Find out in this article.

An article by

Anja Giersiepen

Senior Manager Marketing