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A big party, many guests and just one toilet: the guest bathroom


You’re finally ready and your place looks lovely. You’ve set the table, polished the glasses, prepared the meal, opened the wine, poured water in carafes. Once all this is done, the final thing to check before everyone arrives is the guest bathroom. Is it clean? Are there enough hand towels? What about toilet paper? Everything should be especially clean and hygienic to ensure that everyone feels comfortable and would be happy to return.

A person washing their hands in a sink.

60 trips to the toilet on just one day…


But what does it mean if 20 guests each use the toilet three times in just a few hours? This would mean 60 trips to the toilet in one evening – which is actually a lot if you think about. Usually, it would take a family of four about three or four days to use the bathroom this many times. Of course, you’d need to clean the bathroom after two days at the latest.


But cleaning the guest bathroom several times during a party seems kind of unrealistic. Who wants to go scrub the toilet twice in one night – in your cutest party dress?


Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could reduce frequent, time-consuming toilet cleaning to a minimum – not just during parties, but during your everyday life? Is it even possible?


At TOTO, we say: “Yes, it is!”.

"What does it actually mean when 20 guests visit the toilet three times each within a few hours?"

A bathroom where eveything is touch-free.

Touch-free guest bathroom


You’ve probably seen touch-free faucets, soap dispensers and hand dryers in public restrooms. Simply hold the hands below and they work without the need to touch a thing. Once upon a time, I couldn’t imagine touch-free devices becoming so popular in people’s homes – but a lot of things have happened in this sector over the past few years.


Initially, I thought the idea of installing touch-free technologies in the guest bathroom was kind of elitist. Instead, it’s become the new standard. The great thing: TOTO offers these solutions in compact versions designed to fit perfectly into people’s guest bathrooms.

One person uses a TOTO hand dryer

TOTO product variety with touch-free technology


TOTO’s many WASHLET® models aren’t the only products that offer touch-free functionalities with their automatic flush and lid raising features. The product portfolio includes several touch-free faucets in distinctive designs and sizes. Another touch-free helper in the bathroom is an effective hand dryer that is highly efficient, clean and extremely quiet – drying your hands in no time.


Don’t forget: All TOTO ceramics like the washbasins, for example, are coated with a special glaze called CEFIONTECT. It’s especially dirt-resistant, long-lasting and easy to clean. After all, nothing thing is more annoying than a dull ceramic surface that’s difficult to polish.


An article by

Petra Sujatta