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Our washbasins are known for their durable surfaces and high-quality materials.

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TOTO washbasins: elegant design and optimal quality

When designing a bathroom, choosing the right furnishings and fixtures is essential to successfully transforming your own four walls into an oasis of well-being and cleanliness. TOTO washbasins are the ideal choice. In addition to their exceptional design, the unique technologies incorporated into these products make them easy to clean, ensuring unparalleled, long-lasting hygiene. Our washbasins have timeless, modern designs that complement every bathroom and pair perfectly with all kinds of bathroom furniture.

TOTO washbasins – extraordinary quality and hygiene

Ensuring top quality and the greatest possible hygiene and cleanliness are also top priorities for us when developing our washbasins. This is why we exclusively use high-quality materials for our ceramics. 
TOTO developed a one-of-a-kind technology to make our washbasins especially hygienic and long-lasting: The special CEFIONTECT glaze is extremely smooth, making it practically impossible for waste, bacteria, germs and mould to accumulate. Unlike conventional ceramic washbasins, TOTO washbasins are easier to clean – even with microfibre cloth. This means less work for you, and no need for aggressive cleansers that can be damaging to your health and the environment. 

TOTO washbasins – a large selection

Our collection ranges from classic washbasins to furniture washbasins, vessels, self-rim basins and undercounter washbasins. TOTO washbasins are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes – including the perfect round washbasin for every style of bathroom. We carefully craft our washbasins to complement all types of bathrooms without putting any limits on your design vision – so be creative!

TOTO washbasins: a variety of styles available

Another significant aspect to consider when it comes to bathroom design is how square and rectangular washbasins are installed. Vessels are especially popular, as they are placed on top of the pedestal or cabinet to create an eye-catching element in the bath. Since these are not mounted on the wall, there is the added advantage of more flexible installation options. Vessels also look especially elegant when combined to create double vanities.
Furniture washbasins are installed on the complementing countertop or cabinet. Together, the furniture and washbasin pair to form a single unit – for a harmonious overall look. We offer our furniture washbasins in a variety of different sizes.
Undercounter washbasins and self-rim basins are other refined options for the bathroom that cleanly disappear into the surrounding furnishings. The main difference between these two types of washbasins is the installation. Self-rim basins are fitted into the supporting countertop from above, with the rim of the basin resting on top of the counter or cabinet. In contrast, the undercounter washbasin is put in place from below and mounted, making the rim of the washbasin invisible.
Explore our unique, high-quality washbasins and see for yourself! You will be satisfied with your purchase for years to come. Choose from TOTO’s furniture washbasins, vessels, self-rim basins and undercounter washbasins – and enjoy the winning combination of outstanding design, high quality and unique technologies in your bathroom. 
TOTO washbasins are an excellent choice for every home, not just because of their timeless, elegant design and extraordinary quality – they are also very easy to clean. 

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