The elegant, classic design of WASHLET® is unique and blends perfectly into its surroundings.

WASHLET® and toilets unite innovative technologies and aesthetic design. The goal: to provide users with maximum hygiene and comfort. The result: a holistic wellness experience for body and soul.



Innovative  technology  meets elegant  product design
Toilet and WASHLET® combinations  that are truly stunning from every angle. TOTO's minimalistic product design is aligned with its technology. All technical components are integrated within the product. You know that they are there, and can use  them – but cannot see them. To achieve the best look, we combine most WASHLET® models with a compatible TOTO toilet that makes it possible to conceal the required water and power connections from view, without affecting easy access.

Award-winning design

TOTO and WASHLET ® stand for excellent design as shown by the many prominent product awards received in recent years (excerpt):

Green Good Design Award 2018

  • NEOREST AC 2.0 
  • NEOREST EW 2.0
  • WASHLET® SG 2.0


iF Design Award 2019



iF Design Award 2020


Smart, simple and refined


WASHLET® remote controls have an elegant, classic look that is an ideal complement to every bathroom. All features are easy and intuitive to use.