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NEOREST® - The premium solution for the discerning

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Perfection is a philosophy in many areas of life in Japan. This is reflected in people‘s everyday lives, how food is served or the perfect choreography that goes into a tea ceremony. It also plays a role in industry, where people follow the philosophy of Kaizen as a methodological concept in their work. At its heart is a striving for constant, never-ending improvement, optimisation and perfection.

NEOREST® WX follows this very same tradition. With over 40 years of WASHLET® production and over 60 million models sold, we have devoted all our experience and knowledge into this WASHLET®. It features all technologies from our latest WASHLET® generation in a design that cleverly conceals the state-of-the-art inner workings.

The new NEOREST® WX models are among TOTO‘s premium products featuring all of the familiar latest generation WASHLET® hygiene and comfort technologies. Both NEOREST® models look the same when the lid is closed. NEOREST® WX2 also features ACTILIGHT technology. This uses a photocatalytic process to break down dirt and waste, ensuring a long-lasting clean all by itself.

The design is rounded and harmonious. From the outside, WASHLET® and the ceramic form a cohesive unit without corners and edges, as if created in a single mould. No compromises were made to negatively impact either the design or technologies. The ceramic hides all the technical equipment, hiding the many special functions of NEOREST® WX from the outside.

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