About TOTO

A focus on people – for 100 years

We have always focused our efforts on people and their well-being, bringing state-of-the-art technologies and modern design to our innovative products. But that's not all. Our many years of experience as Japan's leading manufacturer of sanitary ware, our growing international business and outstanding quality also make our bathroom products truly unique.

Holistic bathroom products for a new attitude towards life


Since our foundation in 1917 in Kitakyushu, Japan, we have developed and sold holistic bathroom products to promote a new attitude towards life.


From the very beginning,TOTO's founder Kazuchika Okura pursued the goal of developing sanitary ceramics in Japan according to American and European standards. He was inspired by the very undeveloped sanitary situation in Japan, which only had wooden toilets and no sewer system.



Hygiene, comfort & sustainability


This is why improved hygiene, maximum comfort and the sustainable use of resources are still part of our corporate identity today.


These aspects are very important to us. Our Research and Development team in Japan is always working on improving our products and technologies to achieve the best-possible results. Unique functionalities and technologies, outstanding quality and stunning design are all qualities that make our products stand out. 

WASHLET™ – our centrepiece


We have been selling our products on the European market since 2009. The centrepiece is WASHLET™, the original shower toilet from Japan. It is far more than just a shower toilet, though. It features several specially developed technologies and functionalities that deliver unparalleled hygiene, comfort and quality.


This is also reflected in our sales. So far, we have sold over 50 million WASHLET™ around the world. Once people have used it, they won't want to do without it. We have also established ourselves as a renowned shower toilet manufacturer in Europe. 

Wide range of products


In addition to our WASHLET™ models, we offer a wide range of products for the bathroom: From rimless toilets, washbasins, bathtubs, urinals, showers and bidets to hand dryers, our collection has everything you need. 


To our products




Many of our products, especially our WASHLET™ models, have received several prestigious awards, including the IF Design Award, Green Good Design Award and Red Dot Award.


Market research institute Euromonitor International also named us the "World's No.1 Brand“ in shower toilet sales in 2018.