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Rimless Toilets

Our standard is the perfect toilet – for easier cleaning and greater hygiene.

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Rimless toilets - The Original from TOTO

TOTO’s rimless toilets are among the most hygienic available on the market today. The rimless bowl design combined with the effective Tornado Flush and special CeFiONtect glaze make TOTO’s rimless toilet completely unique. 

Rimless toilets - Benefits

Conventional toilet bowls have a rim that catches flush water to avoid splashing or mist. However, waste material as well as bacteria and germs can accumulate under this rim, making the toilet very unhygienic.
TOTO was the first to develop the unique rimless toilet technology that ensures maximum hygiene and thorough cleansing without any flush water spray or mist.

Rimless toilets - Unique TORNADO FLUSH Technology

The most difficult aspect of developing a rimless toilet bowl is the flush. To get the best possible results with each flush, the water needs to cover the entire inside surface of the ceramic toilet bowl – evenly and with enough pressure to wash waste away – without producing excess spray or mist. Only TOTO’s rimless toilet achieves this goal effectively.
Tornado Flush is the most important feature of each TOTO toilet. TOTO developed this unique flush system in Japan specifically for its rimless toilets. Water is propelled from two or three jets into the inside of the toilet bowl, creating a powerful whirlpool of water that reaches every inch of the entire rimless bowl. This thoroughly cleans the toilet bowl for outstanding hygiene – but it only works on rimless toilets. 

Rimless toilets - TOTO‘S Special glaze

The special CeFiONtect glaze also plays a major role in ensuring the outstanding hygiene of TOTO’s rimless toilets. Conventional ceramic surfaces have slight irregularities that are barely visible, but can capture dirt and bacteria. In contrast, the special CeFiONtect glaze is extremely smooth – making it much more difficult for waste material to remain after flushing. Bacteria, mould and dirt have practically zero chance in TOTO’s rimless toilets. 

Rimless toilets - Maximum hygiene from TOTO

TOTO has produced its toilets with rimless toilet bowls since 2002. Thanks to the company’s many years of experience and constant efforts to perfect this technology, TOTO’s rimless toilet is a pioneer when it comes to hygiene. It’s no coincidence that TOTO’s rimless toilet received the German Hygiene Certificate in 2011. 
The German Hygiene Certificate verifies that the bacterial contamination of e.g. e-coli bacteria is reduced by 90% in rimless toilets from TOTO – over the entire ceramic surface. Dr Brigitte König from Magdeburg Molecular Detections (MMD), who conducted the test, concluded that a rimless toilet from TOTO makes a considerable impact on reducing germs and bacteria after using the toilet. In contrast, “standard” toilets showed significantly poorer results in comparison to the rimless WC from TOTO.

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