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WASHLET™ for age-appropriate bathrooms

Designing the right bathroom for older adults: TOTO’s shower toilet is key to self-determined living.

Bathrooms designed for people’s later years are often the last ones they use – and most people would love to have a spacious, comfortable bathroom. When the first limitations emerge, it is possible to plan functional solutions that will help people in this space – including an accessible shower and a washbasin with enough clearance for a wheelchair. A shower toilet with various features and at different price points is an important part of an age-appropriate bathroom. The RG model is shown here. Photo: TOTO A comfortable and accessible shower toilet can make life easier for people as they age and face physical limitations. Photo: TOTO WASHLET™ makes going to the toilet a pleasant, beneficial experience. All shower toilets from the Japanese experts feature comfort technologies that simplify their use – including intimate cleansing with warm water. The RW from TOTO complements all types of bathroom architectures and interior designs with its timeless design. Photo: TOTO It’s possible to install a shower toilet in rented flats or during minor renovations, helping to prepare the bathroom for the challenges older people face. TOTO launched a website with all of the important info about WASHLET™ and the ability to book this installation service with specially trained technicians: my-washlet. Photo: TOTO The fastest way to your own WASHLET™: A cable conduit matching the interior will carry power to the TOTO shower toilet without unsightly wires. Photo: TOTO Step by step, the bath is designed to work well for older people with physical limitations. When installing the shower toilet, the TOTO-trained technicians professionally adjust the fitting panel to meet the available space. The water and power connections are integrated in the back of this panel. This makes it possible to install WASHLET™ without doing any renovation work. Photo: TOTO Just a touch of the bottom – and the shower toilet is ready for use. The technicians carefully check all of the functionalities and user settings. It’s possible to save preferred settings for up to two people. Photo: TOTO

Most people would love to have a spacious, comfortable bathroom at home for their later years of life. It goes without saying that this should not look like one designed specifically for accessibility. When the first limitations emerge, it is possible to plan functional solutions that will help people in this space – including an accessible shower and a washbasin that could accommodate a wheelchair. None the less, it should include functional solutions to help people as their limitations emerge. A shower toilet like TOTO WASHLET™ is an important part of an age-appropriate bathroom.


As people lose their strength and mobility with age, things like going to the toilet can become very difficult. It’s an unpleasant experience to feel helpless in such intimate moments – especially for older people who wish to live self-determined lives with dignity. Designing an age-appropriate bathroom is an important step to keep people going to the toilet as long as possible without assistance. A shower toilet available with various features and at different price points is an important part of an age-appropriate bathroom. The benefit: It’s possible to replace a conventional toilet with a shower toilet in rented flats or during minor renovations.


Comfort technologies simplify use

TOTO WASHLET™ makes using the toilet a comfortable, soothing experience for all generations, not just older people. Designed by the experts in Japan, this shower toilet features comfort technologies that simplify its use. Some WASHLET™ models have a lid that automatically raises when someone approaches – even warming the seat to a comfortable temperature. The seat temperature is adjustable by remote control, which is especially comfortable during the winter. The heated seat switches to standby operation at night and can be turned off on warmer days. Intimate warm water cleansing ensures maximum cleanliness and hygiene, which is easy to control at the touch of a button on the convenient remote control. WASHLET™ essentially eliminates the need for toilet paper because it cleans – and, on some models, dries – the intimate areas automatically. This is a huge help and relief for people with limited mobility.


Quickly convert conventional toilets to shower toilet

It’s possible to install a shower toilet in rented flats or during renovations, helping to prepare the bathroom for the challenges older people face. TOTO launched a website with all of the important info about WASHLET™ and the ability to book this installation service with specially trained technicians: People don’t always have the luxury of time to plan an accessible, age-appropriate bathroom. Sometimes, the need arises from one day to the next. TOTO works with partner companies throughout Germany who can install your shower toilet quickly and easily.


TOTO WASHLET™ in detail

Made by the experts in Japan, TOTO WASHLET™ has the most comfort and hygiene technologies of any manufacturer on the market. Over 50 million of them have sold world-wide – and it’s growing in popularity every day. Special WASHLET™ features include:

· Wand jet above the ceramic. This position protects the wand jet from dirt and waste. A cover flap also keeps it clean. This placement keeps the wand jet from coming into contact with flush water, keeping all technical components clean if the toilet clogs.

· Ewater+ is electrolysed water with antibacterial properties. Ewater+ is completely safe for the environment and can be returned to the water cycle without concern. TOTO uses ewater+ following the flush to spray the toilet bowl with bacteria-fighting water and thoroughly clean the wand jet inside and out after use.

· Descaling: In Germany, water hardness levels are very high due to elevate lime content of the water. Like many other household appliances, it’s necessary to descale shower toilets as well. This is easy for anyone to do all WASHLET™ models, whether manually or with an automatic descaling programme.

· PREMIST: This feature sprays the toilet bowl with a mist before use because dirt or waste is less likely to stick to moist a moist surface compared to a dry one.

· CEFIONTECT: An extremely smooth glaze applied to the toilet bowl which gives even the smallest particles of dirt practically no chance of sticking. The CEFIONTECT glaze is incredibly durable, keeping the ceramic surface clean and shiny for years of use.


  • 28.03.2022

    Touch-free, hygienic and water-saving

    The right faucet for every washbasin: TOTO presents two new awardwinning automatic faucets – and the new ECO CAP technology to reduce water consumption.[more]

  • 28.02.2022


    THE TOKYO TOILET, a project conducted by the Nippon Foundation, is the public toilet which can be used comfortably by everyone at 17 locations in Shibuya. TOTO is proposing toilet area layouts, including investigation of the...[more]

  • 19.11.2021

    TOTO switches to power from renewable energies

    By 2040, TOTO is planning to get 100% of its power from renewable energy sources. The company has also joined the international RE100 initiative.[more]

  • 28.10.2021

    A Bavarian-Japanese liaison

    Japanese bathroom manufacturer TOTO supplies high-end shower toilets to an exclusive Munich address: The Langham Nymphenburg Residence.[more]

  • 14.09.2021

    The touch-free bath

    Touch-free products mean greater hygiene and cleanliness in the bath: TOTO has new solutions designed especially for the guest bathroom[more]

  • 22.07.2021

    Japan on holiday – experience top hygiene

    The entire world is looking to Japan in time for the 2021 Olympic Games. Anyone travelling to Japan will experience a bathing culture with unparalleled hygiene in most places. At the heart of this is a development still...[more]

  • 29.06.2021

    An elegant ambiance for relaxation –TOTO wins the iF Design Award 2021

    TOTO leads the international competition – winning awards for the complementary designs of the Flotation tubs and CE vessels.[more]

  • 27.05.2021

    Leading the way in hygiene

    WASHLET™ as part of everyday culture – Japanese manufacturer TOTO inspires the world to improve its standards of hygiene[more]

  • 19.04.2021

    TOTO toilets for better hygiene

    TOTO toilets have special hygiene technologies that make them ideal for preventing infections. This is why the new RP toilet was installed in the newly constructed building at Klinikum Darmstadt.[more]

  • 25.03.2021

    Cleanovation – TOTO’s “clean innovation”

    TOTO presents a series of new products at ISH 2021: The Japanese sanitary specialist offers the right product for every hygiene need in the bath – from WASHLET to washbasin.[more]

  • 19.02.2021

    An inspiring look into TOTO’s world

    The Japanese sanitary ware manufacturer TOTO has completely redesigned its website – providing even more inspiration as well as information.[more]

  • 15.12.2020

    An extra toilet for small bathrooms

    The new TOTO toilets fit perfectly into bathrooms of every size, whether large, small or just for guests. TOTO introduces the new RP Compact toilet, the latest in the bestselling RP series – designed especially for small...[more]

  • 24.11.2020

    The Tokyo Toilet

    World-renowned architects are reimaging public toilets. This remarkable project is a collaboration involving the Nippon Foundation and the city of Tokyo. Japanese bathroom supplier TOTO has taken on a key consulting role in the...[more]

  • 28.10.2020

    The TOTO urinal

    Featuring a simple, yet elegant design and outstanding features to ensure the greatest hygiene, TOTO urinals are an ideal choice for hotel and public facilities.[more]

  • 10.09.2020

    TOTO toilets completely prevent infections

    A recent test featuring TOTO toilets showed that rimless toilets with a special flush technology can also protect people from exposure to aerosols.[more]

  • 29.07.2020

    Paradise in every respect

    Paradiso Pure.Living recently opened in the Dolomites, giving guests the opportunity to experience sustainability through all of their senses – with the best possible hygiene for added comfort.[more]

  • 04.06.2020

    The hygiene powerhouse

    Incorporating more hygiene in our everyday lives makes sense right now – and in the long run. TOTO WASHLET™ is a great option for bringing greater hygiene to the bathroom.[more]

  • 29.05.2020

    New WASHLET™ models with an added extra

    TOTO offers an optional automatic flush option with its Prime Edition WASHLET™ RW and SW models, as well as RX EWATER+ and SX EWATER+. This touch-free feature ensures even greater hygiene and comfort in the bathroom.[more]

  • 15.04.2020

    An abundance of awards for TOTO

    TOTO received multiple awards in 2020: two iF Design Awards and the Red Dot Award: Product Design[more]

  • 08.04.2020

    Hygiene in a new dimension

    The demand for shower toilets is higher than ever before. In addition to offering unparalleled levels of hygiene, they also reduce the amount of toilet paper people need to use. The latest addition to TOTO’s collection: the sleek...[more]

  • 03.02.2020

    Alpine tradition

    The French luxury L’Armancette Hotel offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the mountains and stylish bathrooms with TOTO products.[more]

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