Highly effective two- or three-jet flush

TORNADO FLUSH does more than just clean the toilet more effectively. It is also quieter than conventional flushes, and uses less water. The powerful flush reaches every inch of the toilet bowl, creating a strong whirlpool that bundles the force of the water for thorough cleansing.

Powerful flush for thorough cleanliness


TORNADO FLUSH propels water from two or three jets into the toilet bowl, creating a powerful whirlpool that cleans every inch. The circular motion makes this innovative flush spray-free, preventing germs and bacteria from spreading throughout the bathroom or onto the toilet seat.

Certified cleanliness


In 2015, the hygiene report written by Prof. Dr. med. Klaus-Dieter Zastrow confirmed that TOTO's rimless NC and CF toilets with TORNADO FLUSH practically prevented the spread of bacteria and germs. This year (2020), Prof. Dr. med. Klaus-Dieter Zastrow also tested TOTO's RP toilet for the spread of germs and viruses, including COVID-19. There was no detected spray or evidence of the applied test germs and viruses in the areas directly surrounding the tested TOTO toilet.


His report also confirms that the ceramic surfaces on TOTO toilets can be cleaned very quickly and easily without leaving any waste behind. As such, the tested toilets completely meet hospital hygiene and infection prevention standards, and are superior to the conventional toilet with the regular rim edge and flush. You can read the entire certificate here: