Treating our planet with respect is very important to us. This is why we place a great deal of value on resource-saving production for WASHLET® and environmentally friendly technologies for long-term sustainable use.

We prioritise materials and procedures that save resources during WASHLET® production. Once it's arrived at your home, environmentally friendly technologies make it a sustainable, long-term alternative to the conventional toilet. Cleansing with water not only protects the environment, but also saves money over the long term.

Environmentally friendly cleansing with warm water

Intimate cleansing with warm water is far more environmentally friendly than using toilet paper. People actually use far fewer raw materials with TOTO WASHLET®. It's not necessary to fell trees which would otherwise be cleared to produce toilet paper, and WASHLET® also uses far less electricity and water. You can see here how many resources are used with water cleansing as compared to the use of toilet paper:

Average consumption of raw materials per person and year: 
33 kg wood, 60kWh electricity, up to 1500 litres of water, 975 grams of chemical oxygen

Average consumption of raw materials per person and year: 
No trees are felled, 45.5 kWh electricity, 584 litres of water, no chemical oxygen

No flushable wipes necessary


People who use warm water for cleansing don't need flushable wipes – and this is good for the environment. This conserves resources and also relieves our waste water system. Flushable wipes create massive clogs in the server system that harm the environment.

Energy Saver


TOTO shower toilets feature two types of energy savers. Energy saver timer allows you to set a time at which the shower toilet is set to stand-by mode. With energy saver auto, it records its users’ habits and automatically selects the best time for stand-by mode.

Sustainable cleansing


Many of our WASHLET® models use cleansing EWATER+ to ensure that the wand jet and/or ceramic toilet bowl are extra clean, keeping dirt and bacteria from accumulating. Free of chemicals and cleansers, EWATER+ eventually turns back into H2O and is returned to the water cycle. Unlike chemicals and conventionally used cleansers, EWATER+ isn't bad for the environment or our health. 

Green Good Design Award


Many of our WASHLET® models have already received one of the world's most important sustainability awards, the GREEN GOOD DESIGN AWARD. Chicago Athenaeum Museum for Architecture and Design and the European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies give this annual award to the world's most innovative products featuring environmentally friendly designs. Our WASHLET® models AC 2.0, EW 2.0, SG 2.0, RW, RX EWATER+, SX EWATER+ have already received this award.

EN 1717 standard stands for drinking water safety


Toilet water is rated as a hazard class 5 liquid in accordance with EN 1717. This standard describes the necessary precautions that a device must fulfil in order to secure the quality of drinking water. All TOTO shower toilets are intrinsically safe and have a family A, type B respectively type D backflow prevention. This keeps non-potable water from flowing back into drinking water systems without any additional installation required.