The icon consists of a black circle. Inside this black circle is a white drop of water, which is partially filled in black. Toto_WaterSaving_Icon-Black_NEU.svg


Technologies, that save water

It's very important to us to use our resources very carefully and conserve them where possible when manufacturing our products - as well as in their future use. This is why TOTO developed WATER-SAVING technologies. These are specifically used in TOTO showers and faucets, ensuring a full, comfortable flow of water while reducing consumption.

Fuller flow of water, less water consumption


WATER-SAVING technology significantly reduces the amount of water used – so you can enjoy washing your hands without a guilty conscience. 

Water-saving TOTO showers


All TOTO showers are equipped with a flow restrictor. The special shower features in our DaySpa series also impress with their high efficiency and water-saving technology – and you'll still enjoy a luxurious shower experience. 


• Large drops of water for a full, lavish shower experience 
• Easy to rinse shampoo out of long hair
• You'll see the amount of water you save in your water bill

Water-saving automatic faucets


Most TOTO automatic faucets feature our water-saving SELF-POWER technology. One of the world's smallest microsensors is found at the end of the faucet to regulate the flow of water. This sensor registers the movement of the hands to exactly determine the amount of water needed. This protects both the environment as well as your wallet.