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TOTO bathtubs turn an everyday ritual into a meditative experience.

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The TOTO bathtub

In Japan, the bathtub is more than just a place to clean the body – it is also a place for relaxation and recovery. Traditionally, people would wash their bodies prior to entering the bath as this is intended to cleanse the soul. This is why TOTO bathtubs are more than just aesthetically pleasing and elegant: They are also designed to transform every bath into a uniquely relaxing experience. 


Freestanding bathtub from TOTO

A freestanding bathtub with mixer gives every bathroom an elevated, luxurious look. Enhance your own private wellness oasis with a square or round bathtub from TOTO. A design highlight: The bathtub with lighting at the floor level, which also includes a height-adjustable neck pillow that comfortably supports the head.

When you purchase a TOTO bathtub, you will enjoy a modern tub equipped with state-of-the-art technologies and features – for a perfect bathing experience every time. 

The floatation tub from TOTO

The Japanese bathtub (ofuro) is traditionally somewhat smaller than we are accustomed to in Europe; it’s more of a tub for sitting rather than reclining. TOTO’s exclusive bathtubs combine the European standard with the ergonomic ideas behind Japanese tubs. The inside of the tub is shaped to put the body in the ideal position for relaxation. The stresses of everyday life disappear as you experience the sensation of floating in water. One of the unique, specially designed flotation tub models is similar to a bathtub with Jacuzzi. This bathtub with jets in the bottom creates dynamic, multidimensional swirls of water that help to massage and relax even deeper layers of muscles. A pillow supports the head and neck, preventing tension and promoting relaxation. 

You could also describe TOTO’s flotation tub as a bathtub with jets.

Explore all of the bathtub technologies we have developed for your personal spa experience.

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