Unique, specially developed technologies help WASHLET® achieve the greatest possible cleanliness. You can always count on the ideal level of hygiene from WASHLET® with every use.

TOTO's priority is always on ensuring WASHLET® hygiene and people's well-being. We use unique technologies and features developed especially for WASHLET®. These are aligned with each other to ensure maximum hygiene and cleanliness people rely on – for your well-being.

Wand jet positioning and hidden jet


The wand jet stays hygienic and clean because it is positioned out of the way, namely above the ceramic toilet bowl. As a result, the jet does not come into contact with urine, faeces and dirty flushed water. This also protects the wand jet and technical elements in the event of any clogs that would cause water to rise in the toilet bowl.

Clean nozzle
The wand jet is coated with a silicone-based material with dirt-resistant properties, which keep the jet clean in combination with its self-cleaning feature


Clean toilet seat
The toilet seat also consists of a special silicone-based material with dirt-resistant properties.


Clean Resin for case
Like WASHLET® seat and nozzle, several WASHLET® models also feature WASHLET® unit made of special silicone-based material with dirt-repellent properties.


Seamless toilet seat
While WASHLET® seat consists of several parts, including the heating coil in the middle, the seat itself is seamless. This gives dirt or waste less space to attack.

Self-cleaning, even inside the wand jet

Before use

A silhouette of a person walks towards a washlet, the lid opens and the nozzle is cleaned with EWater.

wand jet WASHLET

Self-cleans with water

During use

The silhouette of a person sitting on a toilet.

wand jet WASHLET

Self-cleans with water

After use

Pictographic representation of EWATER cleaning after use

wand jet WASHLET

Self-cleanses inside and out with EWATER+

During standby

Pictographic representation of EWATER cleaning idle

wand jet WASHLET

Self-cleanses inside with EWATER+

The WASHLET® automatically cleans the wand jet before and after each use. Even when the toilet is not being used, the wand periodically cleans itself to ensure constant hygienic conditions.





PREMIST automatically sprays water over the surface of the inner toilet bowl before every use. Due to the ceramic’s hydrophilic nature, waste washes away more easily.


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EWATER+ is electrolysed water (EWATER+) that considerably reduces the build-up of dirt and bacteria. EWATER+ is used to clean the wand jet and ceramic toilet bowl in several WASHLET® models. Please consult the individual product detail pages to see which WASHLET® models include EWATER+ technology.


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Forces waste  to slide down
Ultra-smooth ceramic leaves  nowhere for waste to cling.


To CEFIONTECT technology

Descaling function


Each TOTO WASHLET® can be either automatically or manually descaled. The corresponding product detail page or instruction manual for each WASHLET® model will indicate whether the descaling is manual or automatic, and how this process works.