Sensor-activated faucet generates its own electricity

Most of TOTO's sensor-based, touch-free faucets are equipped with SELFPOWER technology. This means that they have their own integrated "hydroelectric power plant". The integrated technology allows the faucets to produce their own energy, reducing the amount of electricity and water needed. This is good for the environment and also saves money.

Two technologies for maximum efficiency


Thanks to SELFPOWER technology, TOTO automatic faucets generate their own electricity without the need for any power connection. These faucets are equipped with two innovative technologies: One of the smallest microsensors in the world is located at the end of the faucet to regulate the flow of water. The sensor registers the user's hands to provide the exact amount of water needed to wash and rinse. The second technology is found inside the faucet: A generator transforms the energy resulting from the flow of water to supply the microsensor with electricity.