The precise, adjustable, stream keeps you clean. And it’s always pleasantly warm.

Users can choose from more than just the Comfort and Front wash sprays. Additional functions allow users to personalise their cleansing experience. The focus is always on the gentle, comfortable spray that uses as little water as possible.


  • Icon for Jet types: Comfort Rear Cleansing

    A nozzle is shown from which a single jet of water comes out. It consists of several individual drops of water. Smaller drops of water are visible between the large drops of water.

    Large air-filled water droplets offer complete cleansing and a comfortable sensation with minimal water use.

  • Icon for jet types: Soft Rear Soft Cleansing

    This picture shows a nozzle from which the water jet of the comfort shower comes. The water jet is wider and consists of several widely fanned drops of water.

    Plentiful shower of water gives a gentle sensation for complete cleansing over a wider area.

  • Icon for jet types: Front Front Cleansing

    The picture shows a nozzle from which a slightly wider jet of water comes out, consisting of large drops.

    Gentle dispersion of large water droplets ensure intimate cleansing in the most comforting way.


  • Icon for oscillating jet function Oscillating Cleansing

    Illustration of the oscillating shower. A nozzle can be seen from which a jet of water comes out. To illustrate the movement of the shower, the head of the nozzle is clearly visible in its current position. The other positions are only blurred.

    The back-and-forth movement of the wand ensures thorough cleansing of the entire area.

  • Icon for pulsating jet Pulsating Cleansing

    A nozzle is shown from which a jet of water is coming. The jet of water consists of individual large drops, the gaps between which are filled with smaller drops. The further the drops move away from the nozzle, the more they open up.

    Rhythmically pulsating stream of cleansing warm water.

  • Icon for wand function: Adjustable position Wand Position Adjustment

    This illustration shows the adjustable position of the nozzle. This is shown by clearly displaying the current position of the nozzle. The other possible positions are shown blurred. The position furthest away from the current position is shown as the most transparent. Visibility increases with each additional position.

    You can easily set the wand position according to your preference.

  • Icon for Water Pressure Adjustment Function Water Pressure Adjustment

    This picture shows 5 different water jets. They run from the bottom left corner up to the top right corner. The water jet on the far right is almost continuous and its speed means that it is only blurred. The jet of water on the far left is the shortest and individual drops of water are visible. The jets in between increase in speed and length from jet to jet.

    Select from five levels of water pressure.