Weightless bathing for maximum relaxation 

Innovative ZERO DIMENSION technology allows people to assume the ideal reclined position for thorough relaxation, inspired by the position of the human body in weightlessness.

Bathing in weightlessness


TOTO's ZERO DIMENSION technology shapes the Flotation Tub in such a way that it helps bathers achieve the posture of an astronaut's body when weightless in space. This allows people to enjoy the perfect position for relaxation while bathing, relieving joints and muscles.

Ideal reclining position for total relaxation


The body automatically assumes the ideal position in the flotation bathtub. The angles of the hip and ankle joints were inspired by the position of the human body in zero gravity. The thorough relaxation during bathing quiets activity in the speech centre – an effect normally only achieved during meditation. 

Unique, award-winning technology


TOTO conducted applied scientific research to achieve the ultimate relaxation of body and soul in the Flotation Tub. We won two awards for this in Japan: The Society Award from the Japanese Society of Mechanical Engineers, and the Essay Award from the Japanese Society for Medical and Biological Engineering.