Sensor-activated functions

Sensor-activated technologies make bathrooms more touch-free and therefore more hygienic. If you don't need to touch anything, you can't come into contact with bacteria. Our AUTO FUNCTIONS technology is used in TOTO WASHLET® and automatic faucets.

The picture shows the ceramic of a toilet fitted with a Washlet. The inside of the toilet is filled with water and shows the Tornado Flush. The automatic opening of the lid is represented by different visibility. The current position of the lid is clearly visible. The highest position is only faintly visible. The positions between the two are shown in descending visibility.

Sensor-activated lid

The lid lifts automatically when someone approaches WASHLET®, and lowers when the person walks away. WASHLET® has a sensor that detects whether someone is approaching or leaving the toilet.





The picture shows the ceramic of a toilet fitted with a Washlet. The inside of the toilet is filled with water and it shows the Tornado Flush. The water spirals into the drain.

Sensor-activated flush

Selected WASHLET® models are also available with an automatic flush feature. Here, the toilet flushes automatically when the person walks away. This touch-free flush ensures maximum hygiene and comfort.

Touch-free faucets


The sensor is hidden in the faucet, nearly invisible. This guarantees a much more user-friendly experience than the sensor being placed in the shaft of the faucet, as the sensor can be precisely activated by the hands. This also protects the sensor from vandalism.


Touch-free faucets also guarantee the ultimate in cleanliness. In addition to ensuring top hygiene, they conserve water by only using it when activated. This is especially beneficial for faucets in public toilets, as these considerably reduce the transmission of bacteria, germs and viruses. 

Touch-free hand dryer


They are a touch-free and therefore very  hygienic solution for busy washrooms. Such high-traffic areas are easier to keep clean with hand dryers as the paper holders do not require refiling, and rubbish bins  generally don’t overflow or require emptying as frequently. In this way, hand dryers help maintain a better environmental balance and also reduce operating costs.