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Our highly functional faucets have a timeless design and save a great deal of water.

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TOTO faucets 

Every bathroom needs faucets – from the washbasin faucet to shower and bath faucets. TOTO has an extensive collection, including washbasin faucets in a wide range of heights, reaches and designs. 

TOTO bathroom faucets – large selection of products

The TOTO collection ranges from washbasin faucets to ones with soap dispensers and freestanding bath fixtures. We also have the ideal wall-mounted bathroom faucets for freestanding washbasins with pedestals. It is also possible to combine these washbasins with floor-standing faucets depending on requirements and installation options.

The bathroom faucet needs to meet special standards of hygiene. Automatic faucets, also referred to as electronic faucets, are especially suitable for heavily used washrooms because of their touch-free operation. Limiting contact between people and faucets helps to protect from infections, and greatly reduces the transmission of viruses and bacteria – essential in public washrooms, but also helpful in private homes. The TOTO faucet with sensor offers two additional advantages: A microsensor installed at the end of the spout regulates the flow of water. The sensor is powered by a generator inside the faucet. As such, TOTO automatic faucets conserve more than just water – they also save energy.

Basin mixers for professional installers

The single lever mixer from TOTO is available with two tap holes for installation on the washbasin or wall. You will also find the compatible washbasins in our product range. TOTO also offers a single lever mixer with three tap holes for mounting on the wall.

TOTO bathroom faucets are products made of the highest quality materials that are both easy to maintain and clean. 

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