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Our quiet hand dryers are ideal for busy washrooms.

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TOTO hand dryers – fast, quiet and hygienic

Sanitary facilities in public places have to meet a wide range of demands. It’s essential that they be durable and require little maintenance. At the same time, they should have an outstanding design, conserve resources, cost little to operate, and be highly hygienic. TOTO hand dryers meet all of these requirements.

Advantages of TOTO hand dryers

Hand dryers are a conventionally used solution in public areas, and they were designed with this purpose in mind. They offer a number of important advantages over paper towels: In heavily used washrooms, touch-free dryers represent an effective way of improving hygiene. When it comes to sustainability and protecting the environment, using hand dryers to reduce the amount of paper towels used is absolutely essential. Having a hand dryer in heavily used washrooms makes them much easier to clean. The low electricity and operating costs make this ideal for public washrooms, restaurants and hotels. 

Hand Dry – the revolutionary product from TOTO

Hand Dry is the most comfortable and convenient product in our range of hand dryers. The innovative combination of warm currents of air dries the hands in no time. A sensor avoids direct contact with the hand dryer to meet TOTO’s high standards of hygiene. Hand dryer hygiene is also a top priority at TOTO. Since the air flows to the sides and downwards, the water is not propelled upwards into the room while the hands are drying. A drip tray also collects the water, preventing any puddles from forming on the floor. 

Our Research department has also managed to reduce the noise of the hand blower to a minimum, making this an excellent option for private bathrooms: TOTO can bring this exceptional comfort into your own home. The design of the Hand Dry makes it the perfect complement to the washbasins and faucets in TOTO’s collection.

Electric hand dryers from TOTO

TOTO hand dryers are not only an ecological and hygienic alternative to paper towels. They also transform heavily used washrooms at museums, restaurants and concert halls, for example, into more personal bathrooms with strong aesthetics. 

There are different dryer models available in TOTO’s product range: A dryer for space-saving concealed mounting, and two design versions available for surface installation. One of the three models also includes a drip tray to keep puddles from forming on the washroom floor. Countless hotels around the world rely on these hygienic standards and install our hand dryers in their rooms or restaurant washrooms. 

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