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Especially suited for public washrooms, where cleanliness and pleasant scents are a priority.

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The TOTO urinal for your home

Urinals are commonly found in public restrooms, but also very popular in private bathrooms. Many men prefer the urinal because it is faster, and also more comfortable to use. But the standing urinal for men has a number of other benefits. It uses far less water compared to a conventional toilet: TOTO urinals use no more than one litre of water per flush. And the rimless design of TOTO urinals guarantees the utmost in cleanliness and hygiene, even in public restrooms. 

Rimless urinals from TOTO for greater hygiene in the bathroom

All TOTO urinals are rimless, which means that there are no hard-to-reach areas under which viruses, bacteria and waste can accumulate. In addition, all TOTO ceramics are treated with the special CEFIONTECT glaze. This glaze is so smooth that it is practically impossible for waste or germs to stick. It helps keep TOTO urinals clean, especially combined with the circulating TORNADO FLUSH, which thoroughly cleans every inch of the urinal – including the inside front section. The especially smooth, durable surface means that urinal cleaning is a breeze – eliminating the problem of hygiene and cleanliness, even in public bathrooms.

TOTO urinals – splash-free and odourless

TOTO has solved an issue with men’s toilets by developing an integral trap for urinals. The flush and urinal trap designed by TOTO effectively eliminate odours. The back panel of TOTO’s urinals are designed to prevent splashing. A ceramic siphon also makes these urinals easier to clean when clogged. 

Urinal design by TOTO – available at your retailer

TOTO urinals are available in two versions: with a top or back water supply. If you wish to buy a TOTO urinal, our retailers would be happy to help you make the selection, and also handle the installation of your preferred choice. Take this opportunity to explore TOTO’s collection of rimless toilets and washbasins as well. 

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