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Autofaucet square, concealed

Productcode: TLE25009E

Overview of the product

Autofaucet square, concealed, 2 l/min, projection 175 mm

reddot Design Award 2021 Green Good Design Award 2021


Innovation and Technology for this product

Auto Functions

You can see a close-up of the display on the top of the Washlet. The words "Power" and "Energy Saver" appear in a black box next to two switched-off lights. Above this is the lettering "Neorest", to the left of this is the lettering TOTO and below this in a white box is the lettering "Clean" next to a gray circle.
Sensor-activated technologies make bathrooms more touch-free and therefore more hygienic. If you don't need to touch anything, you can't come into contact with bacteria. Our AUTO FUNCTIONS technology is used in TOTO WASHLET® and automatic faucets.
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The icon consists of a black circle. Inside this black circle is a white drop of water, which is partially filled in black. Water-Saving

The picture shows a water surface on which rings form. It starts with a small ring in the center. Around it are larger rings of water at different distances.
It's very important to us to use our resources very carefully and conserve them where possible when manufacturing our products - as well as in their future use. This is why TOTO developed WATER-SAVING technologies. These are specifically used in TOTO showers and faucets, ensuring a full, comfortable flow of water while reducing consumption.
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Self Power

A tap is mounted on a wall above a washbasin. The tap is switched on and a jet of water is coming out of it.
Most of TOTO's sensor-based, touch-free faucets are equipped with SELFPOWER technology. This means that they have their own integrated "hydroelectric power plant". The integrated technology allows the faucets to produce their own energy, reducing the amount of electricity and water needed. This is good for the environment and also saves money.
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Close-up of the outlet of a faucet with ECOCAP against a black background. The water jet coming out of the tap is interspersed with small air bubbles.
TOTO’s ECO CAP technology greatly reduces water consumption – so everyone can wash their hands with a clear conscience. Adding air to the water increases the volume of the stream of water while reducing consumption. This makes handwashing more comfortable while protecting the environment. Our automatic faucets use just 2l of water per minute thanks to this technology.
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