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Vessel TR, square

Productcode: L4716RE
  • L4716E_washbasins TR
  • CEFIONTECT glaze, which makes it difficult for dirt to stick and keeps the washbasin cleaner for a longer time
  • Elegant slim-edge ceramic that is even more durable than standard ceramic
  • Without tap hole, with overflow
  • 600 mm

Overview of the product

The TR vessel has clean lines and an impressively minimalistic design reduced to the essentials. TOTO developed its LINEARCERAM material to create washbasins with extra slim edges. The material is only half as thick as conventional ceramic, but twice as durable, which makes this vessel suitable for the demands of family life. Like all TOTO ceramic washbasins, it includes the CEFIONTECT glaze to guarantee long-term durability.

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Size (WxDxH in mm)
600 x 380 x 137
Required Accessory

Lever arm slotted pop up waste



Innovation and Technology for this product


CEFIONTECT is an ultra-smooth ceramic glaze that coats the toilet bowl. Its microscopic surface ridges are far smaller than waste particles, leaving no place for waste to gain a foothold. The CEFIONTECT glaze is especially durable, keeping the ceramic surface clean and beautiful for years to come.
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TOTO developed a unique technology for its washbasins with Linearceram.
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