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You’ve decided to buy a shower toilet, or a toilet with a built-in bidet? Now, it’s time to find the right product that ticks off all the boxes – especially when it comes to getting the highest standard of hygiene. We’ll explain what you should look for when buying a shower toilet. We’re the right ones to ask: After all, TOTO invented WASHLET® and has been a well-established name in the global market for over 40 years, having sold over 60 million WASHLET® so far.


WASHLET® RW and WASHLET® SW next to each other

The most important feature: hygiene & cleanliness


Absolute hygiene and cleanliness are key features when it comes to rating the quality of a shower toilet. Imagine that the toilet will be used by at least a few different people – which is pretty normal for most households. The shower toilet should be as clean after each use as it was before the first use. The most relevant factor here is how hygienic the wand jet is. TOTO WASHLET® has critical criteria and technologies that ensure the toilet is perfectly clean and hygienic after every use.

"Absolute hygiene and cleanliness are key features"

Criteria for the greatest possible hygiene


What specific things should you think about when buying a shower toilet? The following criteria are essential to ensure the best possible hygiene:

Washlet unit above ceramic bowl

1.    Wand jet above the ceramic bowl


If the wand jet is positioned above the toilet bowl, this nearly separates the water and faeces from each other. This protects the wand jet from wastewater and any potential blockages. This is a very essential feature to ensure a clean, hygienic shower toilet – but it’s not standard among models from other manufacturers.

2.    Hidden wand jet:


Things can sometimes get a little chaotic on the toilet. The protective flap on TOTO WASHLET® ensures that the wand jet is always perfectly protected – no matter what’s going on.

3.    Wand jet position


The angle of the wand jet when extended is very important to prevent any faeces from coming into contact with it. TOTO engineers discovered the ideal angle: 43°.

A jet of water bounces off an obstacle. The angle of the bouncing water is 43° - 53°.

4.    Self-cleaning wand jet:

At TOTO, we’d rather err on the side of caution. This is why our wand jet automatically cleans itself in a separate washing chamber – inside and out, before and after every use. Depending on the model, we use EWATER+ to clean the wand jet. This is electrolysed water proven to reduce bacteria. After use, EWATER+ breaks down into normal water – making it 100% environmentally sustainable.

5.    Dirt-resistant material


The wand jet on original TOTO WASHLET® models is made of silicone. This silicone-based, dirt-resistant material is designed to just let the dirt and waste rinse right off. It’s yet another important step in ensuring the best possible hygiene.

TOTO WASHLET® provides comfort that is beyond perfect with these very special features. If the shower toilet of your choice meets all the criteria listed above, you can rest assured knowing that you’ve found the right one – and you won’t have to make any compromises.



An article by

Matthias Kortenhorn