That’s Life Anew
WASHLET® and me

Life Anew- it’s more than just the name of our blog. It’s the guiding principle behind every product TOTO makes. But what does Life Anew mean exactly?

Life Anew- the guiding principle of TOTO

Life Anew is our DNA


Life Anew is more than just a slogan for TOTO. In fact, it’s a reflection of our DNA – and we’d like to tell you more about it.


We want to create a new attitude towards life with each of our products and make this accessible to everyone. We want the act of living to be comfortable and enriching for all. We want our developments to improve people’s health and well-being while contributing to greater global sustainability.

The underrated bathroom


The bathroom isn’t usually what people would consider their favourite room – whether at home or at a hotel. In fact, the bathroom is one of the most important – if not the most important – spaces in our homes. Can you imagine not having a bathroom with flowing water, a clean toilet and a warm shower in your home? It’s not standard in many parts of the world – but it’s something that we have long taken for granted. But people always appreciate their own, clean, non-communal bathroom when they’ve had to do without – after a camping trip, for example.


The bathroom gives us a place to take care of our personal hygiene and also enjoy soothing moments of calm and relaxation in our stressful everyday lives. Shut the door, light some candles and luxuriate in the bathtub. It can sometimes feel like a mini holiday! It’s so important to us at TOTO that our products transform little moments like these into expereinces that are as comfortable and restful as possible – establishing the bathroom as a place where we come back to life.


Science, state-of-the-art technologies & maximum comfort


We combine the latest findings from scientific studies and research with innovative technologies to develop products that provide people with the greatest possible comfort and well-being: This is the foundation for Life Anew. We’ve been doing it this way for over 100 years, making us one of the most experienced developers and manufacturers in the sanitary sector.

Aesthetics are a huge priority for us in addition to comfort and well-being. A minimalistic, timeless design completes our products – for purity and perfection. We develop products that create the most elevated wellness moments, like our FLOATATION TUBS that turn bathing into a meditative experience, and – of course – WASHLET. It makes every day more pleasant with intimate warm water cleansing – bringing the greatest possible hygiene, comfort and well-being to your life. It’s our declared goal to create enriching experiences from ordinary rituals.

Our vision: Life Anew NEXT


The new Internet of Things (IoT) age has already begun and will also revolutionise the sanitary sector in the next few years.

Our vision is “Life Anew NEXT": the bathroom of the future. We will develop new smart, IoT-connected sanitary products for use in private homes and public spaces to bring wellness, fitness, design, hygiene and sustainability even closer together. We are collaborating with innovative sectors around the world to develop the next generation of IoT-compatible public toilets and high-tech bathrooms for future homes. 


The desire to improve people’s lives


“Behind every TOTO innovation is the desire to improve people’s lives.” A vision of enriching experiences, of smart, fully networked products in private and public spaces, like hotels, airports, trains, restaurants and co. – wherever you may travel, for either business or pleasure. Our goal is to provide clean, comfortable experiences in every situation when using our products – making them simpler and more hygienic to use. Behind every TOTO innovation is the desire to improve people’s lives. Cleanliness, comfort and health play a major role. This is how we transform everyday rituals into experiences that enrich people’s lives. For the body and soul – with a promise of a better tomorrow. 

“Behind every TOTO innovation is the desire to improve people’s lives.”

An article by

Anja Giersiepen

Senior Manager Marketing