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Qui trovate i comunicati stampa sui prodotti, le innovazioni e le tecnologie di ultima generazione che abbiamo introdotto nel settore dei sanitari e su TOTO, il produttore di sanitari leader in Giappone, che opera in tutto il mondo.

Vienna’s soul meets high tech

The new five-star Hotel Rosewood Vienna brings state-of-the-art technology to a historic landmark – including the bathrooms, which feature the exclusive NEOREST® WASHLET® EW 2.0 from TOTO.
  • The picture shows the festively illuminated entrance area of an elegant hotel, decorated with wreaths and fairy lights. Lanterns and planters decorated with lights flank the path leading to the automatic glass doors, giving the entrance an inviting and festive atmosphere.
  • The picture shows a stylishly furnished living room with classic stucco ceilings and large windows that let in natural light. In the room there is an orange armchair, two blue chairs around a round table and an elegant wooden console with a mirror and decorative objects on it.
  • The picture shows a luxurious bathroom with a large window offering a view of historic building facades. An elegant vanity unit with golden fittings can be seen in the foreground, and the edge of a free-standing bathtub can be seen on the right of the picture.
  • The photo shows a modern, wall-hung toilet in a stylish bathroom with marble tiles and a glass shower door on the left. Above the toilet hangs an abstract painting in blue and gold tones, which goes well with the elegant, gold-colored pressure plate and fittings.
  • The image shows a minimalist, wall-hung toilet with a closed lid next to a toilet paper holder on a wooden floor, with a white wall in the background. Above the toilet is a modern, white control panel for the flush, which emphasizes the simple and modern design of the room.
  • The photo shows a luxurious bedroom with a large double bed in the center, flanked by bedside tables with lamps and opposite a wall-mounted television. The room is characterized by high ceilings with stucco decorations, floor-length curtains and a view through an open door into another room with mirrored walls, which emphasizes the elegance and spaciousness of the room.
  • The picture shows an attractively furnished bedroom with two adjacent beds with dark headboards and white bed linen. Modern artwork hangs on the walls and the room is illuminated by natural light from a large window and warm light from table lamps, creating a cozy atmosphere.
  • The photo shows a view of a modern, wall-hung toilet in an elegant bathroom with beige-colored walls and a dark patterned marble floor. A luxurious, dark wooden piece of furniture can be partially seen on the left of the picture, and there is a stylish flush control panel on the wall above the toilet.
  • The picture presents a bright and airy lounge interior with large windows, accentuated by elegant furniture in shades of green and gold and two eye-catching chandeliers. The walls are decorated with large murals of tropical plants, which, together with the real plants in pots, give the room a fresh and lively atmosphere.
  • The picture shows an attractively decorated dining room with a round glass dining table and rust-colored chairs, illuminated by elegant pendant lights. The large windows offer a view of a terrace and the historic architecture in the background, suggesting an urban location.
The five-star Hotel Rosewood Vienna is located right on the city’s Petersplatz in a building dating from the 19th century. Mozart once lived in an apartment here. Photo: TOTO The dignified ambience of the luxury hotel’s Executive Suite invites guests to enjoy a stay in Austria’s capital city, complete with every imaginable amenity. Photo: Rosewood Vienna Marble floors, brass fixtures and a fantastic view: Every room at Rosewood Vienna is equipped with a luxurious bathroom. The bathtub in the Executive Suite even offers an unobstructed view of St Peter’s Cathedral. Photo: Rosewood Vienna Even the most private retreat of each room is designed to deliver guests the greatest possible comfort: Like WASHLET® RW, which includes features to deliver the ultimate wellness experience. Photo: TOTO Among TOTO’s top-tier shower toilets is NEOREST® WASHLET® EW 2.0. A sensor-based lid, heated seat, automatic flush, odour absorption, wand jet with individual spray settings for intimate cleansing and nightlight are just a few of the features this high-tech product has to offer. It is found in 10 of the most luxurious rooms at Rosewood Vienna. Photo: TOTO The Presidential Suite at Rosewood Vienna is called Hoffmann House. This elegant retreat spans 178 m2 and consists of a main bedroom, living room, kitchen, salon and dining room. The suite has elegant Viennese details and is named after Josef Hoffmann, architect and one of the founders of the Vienna Secession. Photo: Rosewood Vienna Serene colours, natural materials, vibrant accents and artwork created especially for the hotel: All of these exclusive moments shape the cosy, elegant atmosphere – and not just in the Premier Twin Room. Photo: Rosewood Vienna TOTO’s wall-mounted RP toilet with Slim Line seat is shown here and found in many of the hotel’s rooms. Its graceful shape complements the hotel’s unique ambience. The rimless bowl and special CeFiONtect glaze ensure improved hygiene, even helping the cleaning staff do their work. Thanks to TORNADO FLUSH, it is also especially quiet and uses very little water. Photo: TOTO The soul of Vienna is everywhere: The lobby lounge at Rosewood Vienna is called Salon Aurelie. Artist Marie Hartig painted the wall murals by hand. They are reminiscent of Vienna’s famed palm house. Photo: Rosewood Vienna St Peter’s Cathedral is right next door – even at Brasserie Neue Hoheit, on the hotel’s top floor. Guests can enjoy exclusive seasonal and regional cuisine with a stunning view. Photo: Rosewood Vienna

Vienna’s first district is simultaneously the city’s historic birthplace and one of its most modern neighbourhoods. St Peter’s Cathedral is among the many attractions found in the heart of the city centre. It’s hard to appreciate its stunning beauty until you’re standing right in front of it – or when one of the neighbouring buildings offers an unobstructed view. Like the bathroom of one of the suites at Rosewood Vienna, which opened right next door in early August 2022. The venerable neoclassical building dating back to the 1830s was once the headquarters of Erste Group Bank AG. And one of the city’s most famous residents, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, lived here for a period of time. Located at Petersplatz 7, this hotel provides their guests with every conceivable comfort. The four storeys of the building are home to 99 sophisticated rooms and suites. The hotel offers 100 wall-mounted TOTO RP toilets, 17 WASHLET® RW and 10 NEOREST® WASHLET® EW 2.0 models, bringing Japanese perfection to the most intimate spaces. In addition to luxurious overnight accommodations, the hotel offers publicly accessible spots like a brasserie and a bar with a rooftop terrace on the sixth floor.



Vintage-inspired glamour, maximum comfort


English designer Alexander Waterworth designed the hotel’s interior. He combined cosy colonial-style elements with the imperial glamour of Vienna’s past. Strong materials like marble, wood and brass complement exclusive patterned fabrics. The furnishings, fixtures and many artworks were crafted by hand for the rooms. “We are committed to honouring the venerable sensibilities of Vienna’s spirit while creating a modern ambience and providing top-class amenities,” says Alexander Lahmer, Managing Director Rosewood Vienna, explaining Austria’s capital influenced the interior design.


Rooms of all categories have luxurious bathrooms with marble floors, graceful washbasins and elegant brass fixtures – creating a warm, cosy feeling for this retreat within each hotel room. Freestanding bathtubs are expected in this type of setting, but the exclusive nature of the furnishings, fixtures and toilets is especially visible in the details.


The best of them all: Japanese perfection meets Viennese style

Rosewood Vienna is home to over 100 products from the Japanese manufacturers of innovative sanitary ceramics. Each one conveys an elevated feeling of wellness. The toilets and high-tech TOTO WASHLET® models offer a series of comfort features that align with the sophisticated ambience of the hotel as well as the guests’ high standards. They also make the work easier for hotel staff, helping them maintain the highest possible standards of hygiene with relatively little effort.


Top-tier WASHLET®: NEOREST® EW 2.0

Among TOTO’s top-tier WASHLET® models is NEOREST® EW 2.0, and 10 of these are installed in the most exclusive rooms throughout Rosewood Vienna. In addition to the features found in all WASHLET® toilets, this one also    offers a sensor-based lid, automatic flush and nightlight. Everything comes full circle, even in the most private rooms of the hotel: The elegant, graceful design of TOTO products beautifully complements the vintage inspired ambience. At the same time, the toilets and WASHLET® models deliver a uniquely Japanese wellness experience in Vienna.


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