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Qui trovate i comunicati stampa sui prodotti, le innovazioni e le tecnologie di ultima generazione che abbiamo introdotto nel settore dei sanitari e su TOTO, il produttore di sanitari leader in Giappone, che opera in tutto il mondo.


Global player TOTO shows their commitment to sustainability with a large-scale exhibition in the Forum.
  • The image shows a bird's eye view of a TOTO exhibition stand designed for ISH, a leading sanitary, heating and air conditioning trade fair. The stand is divided into different areas for product presentations, with a central, green atrium that appears easily accessible to visitors and prominently highlights the TOTO brand.
  • The image shows a computer-generated representation of TOTO's entrance area at the ISH trade fair, characterized by a large brand name on the wall and several screens displaying promotional content. The scene is animated with numerous visitors moving through an open hall surrounded by plants and well-lit, creating an inviting and interactive atmosphere.
  • The image is a visualization of a TOTO booth at ISH, showcasing a series of state-of-the-art toilets on a central raised platform surrounded by a naturalistic design with plants and trees. Visitors can move around the exhibition in a semi-circle, while a large screen in the background shows the bathroom experience in action.
  • The image shows a row of TOTO toilets displayed on a wood-paneled wall with recessed niches, each niche containing a toilet and an information graphic. The words "WASHLET® 60 MILLION UNITS SOLD WORLDWIDE" are emblazoned above the exhibits, indicating the brand's global sales success as visitors view the stand.
  • The image shows a modern exhibition hall with a dark-colored, open TOTO stand presenting shower and faucet products, accompanied by clear ball displays on a long, black counter. A large screen display with images of nature can be seen above the stand, while a green plant wall on the left emphasizes the natural and environmentally conscious orientation of the brand.
  • The image shows the elegant, wall-hung NEOREST WX from TOTO, which stands out with its sleek, white design, mounted on a wall with an eye-catching marble look. The toilet is illuminated by a warm, indirect light from below, which emphasizes the modern aesthetics of the product and creates a luxurious atmosphere.
Visitors can experience the products with all their senses throughout the spacious trade show booth. Photo: TOTO Entrance to the trade show booth. Rays of sun shine through the trees, and the sounds of nature greet the visitors as they enter. It’s an oasis of calm in the hustle and bustle of the trade show. Photo: TOTO NEOREST. The brand message PURE LUXURY conveys a feeling of sophistication in the bath. NEOREST supports this, elevating people’s well-being. Photo: TOTO TOTO has a large range of WASHLET models. The company has sold 60 million units world-wide – more than any other manufacturer. Photo: TOTO Equipped with innovative technology, the showers meet people where they are in their day – from the moment they wake up until they go to bed. They can be everything from invigorating to calming and relaxing. Photo: TOTO NEOREST WX. Top-class smart toilet with integrated WASHLET. Photo: TOTO

TOTO has an exceptional installation planned for ISH, the world’s leading trade show for HVAC and water, scheduled from 13-17 March in Frankfurt. For the first time, the Japanese sanitary experts are inviting their guests to embark on a vibrant, sensory-rich exploration of the world of TOTO at an expansive exhibition spanning over 1500m². According to a statement from the company, “We are showing the positive impact of our latest sustainable products on our lifestyles with a booth concept that stimulates the senses – with light, sound, flowing water and green trees.”


TOTO will present sanitary products that reflect a lifestyle focussed on unifying comfort and a healthy lifestyle in line with their “Life Anew” theme. The company’s expressed goal is to transform everyday rituals into enriching experiences – allowing everyone to have access to a new quality of life.


TOTO is considered a leader in the development of innovative ceramics for the bath. At ISH, TOTO will give visitors the opportunity to experience their main product – WASHLET – first-hand, among several other interesting features and exhibits. The company’s strong commitment to sustainability in their products, which also extends to their research and development efforts, also plays a significant role in this context.


WASHLET experts

WASHLET is the name of TOTO’s bidet toilet. It helps conserve resources with its comfort and hygiene technologies – like using water to gently clean intimate areas instead of toilet paper, for example. Environmentally friendly hygiene technologies are also relevant here as they eliminate the need for aggressive cleansers and reduce toilet cleaning to a minimum. Over the past 40 years, a variety of different WASHLET models and versions have emerged from Japan to spread throughout the world. People everywhere absolutely love this hygienic, long-lasting and resource-saving product. TOTO has already sold over 60 million WASHLET models world-wide – more than any other manufacturer, according to company figures.


Trade show premiere

TOTO is introducing NEOREST WX at this year’s ISH. The smart toilet prototype with integrated WASHLET is among the company’s high-end models. Combining innovative design with state-of-the-art technology, NEOREST is the most sophisticated toilet with integrated WASHLET developed by the Japanese manufacturer so far. Pure in shape and form, NEOREST WX uses the natural smoothness of the ceramic to create a gently curved design that exudes a feeling of comfort. Streamlined and elemental, NEOREST WX is a perfect addition to bathrooms of every style.


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