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Qui trovate i comunicati stampa sui prodotti, le innovazioni e le tecnologie di ultima generazione che abbiamo introdotto nel settore dei sanitari e su TOTO, il produttore di sanitari leader in Giappone, che opera in tutto il mondo.

A shower toilet at WeberHaus

TOTO has outstanding expertise in shower toilets – and WeberHaus customers who enjoy their wellness-oriented bathrooms agree.
  • The photo shows a modern two-storey house at dusk, with interior lighting that creates an inviting ambience. The house is surrounded by a well-tended garden landscape with lavender in bloom in the foreground, and has a spacious terrace with seating.
  • The picture shows a modern, cubic house with two floors at dusk, highlighted by the interior and exterior lighting. An illuminated staircase leads up to the house and there is a swimming pool in front of the building, surrounded by sun loungers and carefully landscaped gardens.
  • The picture shows a modern bathroom with an elegant TOTO Washlet. The washlet has a comfortable heated seat and a bidet function. The washlet's surroundings are clean and minimalist in design, conveying a feeling of luxury and hygiene.
  • The picture shows a modern bathroom with a wall-mounted toilet on a tiled wall. Above the toilet is a small niche shelf with a decorative figure, and the room's color palette consists of dark and light shades of gray.
  • The photo shows part of a bathroom with a modern washlet (a combination of toilet and bidet) next to a bathtub, both surrounded by white and dark gray tiled walls. On the opposite wall is a small window with a grille behind which a decorative figure can be seen.
In the past few years, bathrooms have evolved from wet zones to wellness oases. WeberHaus is also following this trend in home design, offering shower toilets from TOTO – the Japanese manufacturer with the most extensive expertise. Photo: WeberHaus When designing their new homes, WeberHaus customers gladly choose TOTO WASHLETs for their many hygiene and comfort features. Photo: WeberHaus TOTO is an integral part of the WeberHaus World of Living, the prefabricated home show park in Rheinau-Linx. People can try out the different hygiene and comfort technologies here. Adjustable intimate cleansing settings, including front cleansing, as well as the odour absorption feature and heated seat, make using the toilet an extremely refreshing experience. Shown here: WASHLET RG. Photo: TOTO / Murr PhotoArt The simple, timeless TOTO WASHLET design appeals to many customers that spend time at the World of Living prefabricated home show park in Rheinau-Linx, carefully choosing the furnishings and fixtures for their new WeberHaus. During their visit, they will also have the opportunity to try WASHLET RG in person. Photo: TOTO / Murr PhotoArt TOTO WASHLET is streamlined and elegant on the outside – with a hygiene powerhouse on the inside. In addition to its many hygiene technologies, like the warm water spray for intimate cleansing, TOTO developed a long-lasting, dirt resistant CEFIONTECT glaze. This makes it practically impossible for bacteria and waste to accumulate and keeps the ceramic surface brilliantly shiny for years to come. Shown here: WASHLET RG. Photo: TOTO / Murr PhotoArt

In the past few years, bathrooms have evolved from wet zones to wellness oases. WeberHaus is also following this trend in home design, offering shower toilets from TOTO – the Japanese manufacturer with the most extensive expertise. TOTO is now an integral part of the WeberHaus World of Living, the prefabricated home show park in Rheinau-Linx – and people can try TOTO products here as well. According to Design Director Thomas Hirsch, complicated products like a shower toilet, which functions as both toilet and bidet, still require a bit of explanation. But he’s had his own experiences with the product: “Once you’ve used fresh, warm water for intimate cleansing after using the toilet, you won’t want to do without!”


Those who want a shower toilet in their WeberHaus prefabricated home are thrilled to choose one from the Japanese manufacturer. According to WeberHaus Design Director Thomas Hirsch, this is because of the many years of experience that TOTO has dedicated to developing its shower toilets. “This gives customers more confidence, especially when it comes to a complicated product that requires a bit of explanation, like a shower toilet – which is a toilet and bidet in one,” he explains. The Hall of Creativity at World of Living in Rheinau-Linx is a massive 4,500 m2 space showcasing select products from prominent brand-name manufacturers. People spend at least three days browsing, collecting samples and taking a closer look at the fixtures, finishes and furnishings they want in their new WeberHaus. Planning the bathroom is an especially important part of this process, as people are especially willing to spend more for high-quality, long-lasting fixtures and furnishings in this space. Design Director Thomas Hirsch has worked for prefabricated house manufacturer WeberHaus for over 30 years and leads a team of 22 consultants. He has noticed the same trend and finds TOTO WASHLET to be a truly exceptional product. “WeberHaus stands for quality. It’s important to us that the manufacturers we offer do the same and have excellent reputations.” According to Hirsch, TOTO’s many years of experience and their exceptional technological expertise are great reasons to choose WASHLET.


Technological expertise makes the difference

The companies initially connected at the ISH trade show, and WASHLETs have been available at World of Living for 12 years now. WeberHaus has around 35 socalled construction forums across Germany and Switzerland where people can make decisions about their WeberHaus projects. But the fine-tuning and final product choices are only made at the Rheinau-Linx location in Baden, or a slightly smaller site in the Sauerland region. “When customers start talking about shower toilets, they are instantly impressed by the benefits of the TOTO models,” Thomas Hirsch explains. The sheer size of the company and many years of experience in developing shower toilets fosters trust in this product, which is still unfamiliar to many people. Their timeless design and understated elegance also make these products very appealing. But according to Hirsch, TOTO’s technological expertise is what makes all the difference.


Shower toilets require more explanation – but years of experience inspire trust

Despite people’s enthusiasm for the shower toilet, it is still not a mainstream product. As such, it requires more detailed explanations than other products. “It helps that our team does training sessions on our different products at least once a month,” explains the experienced consultant. This helps everyone learn everything they need to know to explain a complicated product like TOTO WASHLET to customers.


About WeberHaus and design consultation

WeberHaus is one of Germany’s manufacturers of prefabricated homes. This family-owned company has been turning homeowners’ dreams into reality since 1960. From individually designed architectural houses to versatile model homes and multi-level buildings, all WeberHaus projects use ecological and sustainable construction methods. World of Living is a theme park centred around the topics of building and living. Contractors, clients and interested potential customers can find inspiration and assistance here. The prefabricated home experts invite people to explore their homepage as follows: “In order to turn your dream home into reality, you need to experience the architecture, design, quality and construction with all the senses. You need great ideas and an adventurous spirit. You’ll find all of this at World of Living. Fascinating experiences, innovative model homes and brandname furnishings that leave nothing to be desired.”


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