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Qui trovate i comunicati stampa sui prodotti, le innovazioni e le tecnologie di ultima generazione che abbiamo introdotto nel settore dei sanitari e su TOTO, il produttore di sanitari leader in Giappone, che opera in tutto il mondo.

TOTO switches to power from renewable energies

By 2040, TOTO is planning to get 100% of its power from renewable energy sources. The company has also joined the international RE100 initiative.
The TOTO Museum was opened in 2017 at TOTO headquarters in the Japanese city of Kitakyushu. It provides insights into the company’s history and values. TOTO Group has subsidiaries all around the world. Here, you can see a variety of company products designed for various markets, which are presented in the Global Gallery at TOTO Museum. BlA bathroom recently designed with a TOTO WASHLET®. WASHLET® (shown here: RW auto flush) has made TOTO famous around the world. One of the most comfortable hygiene features – intimate cleansing with warm water – helps reduce the use of toilet paper.

TOTO will do even more to promote an emission-free society. The company has already taken a number of measures to counter the effects of global warming.


By the year 2040, TOTO Group plans to get its power from renewable energy sources only. An important step in this direction is its entry into the international RE100 environmental initiative. RE100 stands for "Renewable Energy 100%" (100% renewable energies). This international environmental initiative is overseen by "The Climate Group" – an international environmental NGO – in partnership with the CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project), which promotes the disclosure of information on climate change. RE100 was founded in 2014 with the aim of accelerating the transition to renewable energies. Over 300 prominent companies around the world have already joined RE100.


By joining RE100, TOTO Group has committed to expand the procurement of renewable energies at all of its locations worldwide in line with regional conditions, and to install solar energy facilities at all of its works. This move ensures that 100% of the power used for business activities will come from renewable energy sources. TOTO is required to provide regular reports on the progress of these measures and be accountable for them. RE100 publishes this progress annually. TOTO also plans to improve energy-saving measures and upgrade its production facilities in its various markets, which will help reduce CO2 emissions.


TOTO Group has developed a corporate philosophy that aims “to create a great company that helps improve society – and that people around the world can trust.” By committing to solving social problems and helping the environment through its business activities, TOTO will also generate growth, which contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations.

Joining RE100 is just one important step towards implementing this corporate philosophy.

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