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The Building Centre, London

Re-imagining the UK’s leading built environment innovation centre

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The Built Environment Trust
Roz Barr Architects
Opened in

Founded in 1931, The Building Centre is the UK's centre for building excellence. The Building Centre exists to promote innovation in the built environment.


Since 2016 Roz Barr Architects are working on a scheme to 're-imagine' The Building Centre on Store Street. The refurbishment project aspires to create a dynamic multi-functional exhibition and event space that is in keeping with ambition of The Building Centre to promote innovation in the construction industry and the impact of the built environment on our lives. The creation of a new café looks to reassert the building as a destination place for both professionals and the public and to also serve the multiple event spaces.


As part of this Roz Barr Architects created new toilets in the existing vaults under the pavement on the lower ground floor. The ambition was to use interesting and innovative materials, fixtures and fittings in order for the refurbishment to be an active 'product display'. Roz Barr Architects worked with TOTO on the specification of the products to create a showcase that is as much about the experience of a product as meeting the client's requirements.


Attracting some 2000 visitors every week, The Building Centre's Product Exhibition, contained on two floors, has always been the main focus of interest and is currently supported by 140 manufacturers. Expert speakers and tutors provide talks, seminars and short courses on innovative projects as well as materials. The building on South Crescent, Store Street, in central London, is open to all involved in architecture and construction; it is a place where you can learn and develop knowledge and join the ongoing debate about the built environment. The Building Centre is open to the public six days a week and all exhibitions are free to enter.


TOTO worked closely with the Roz Barr Architects on the redesign of the new cloakroom facilities at The Building Centre supplying high performance, rimless CF WCs; low noise Hand Dryers; Self-Powered auto faucets and automatic Soap dispensers. Roz Barr Architects are a London based architectural studio established in 2010. The studio is pursuing a diverse range of projects in the UK and abroad with private, public realm, commercial and cultural sector clients.


Roz Barr spent nearly 10 years as an Associate Director with Eric Parry Architects where she lead projects such as 23 Savile Row and the Holburne Museum of Art, Bath.

Category: Public
Owner: The Built Environment Trust
Date of opening: 2016
Architect: Roz Barr Architects
Products: CF WCs; CF DDA Barrier free WCs; CF Ring Seat (DDA Compliant); Hand Dryers; Auto faucets; Soap dispensers
Product code: CW132Y, VC130, CW142Y, VC140V1, TYC324W, DLE105ER, TEN7810V465, DSE101EEC

Referenze a livello europeo

I prodotti TOTO - versatili e adatti ai più svariati impieghi - si trovano in hotel, ristoranti, negozi e in molti altri spazi pubblici Lasciatevi ispirare
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