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to the world of TOTO

Entdecken Sie individuelle Einblicke in die Produktwelt von TOTO und das Leben und Arbeiten in einem japanischen Konzern.

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Taking Tea in London

TOTO’s exhibition, Technology Meets Tradition, continues throughout summer months in the London showroom where both a Zen garden and Japanese Tea house coexist alongside the latest bathroom innovation and technology from TOTO. Visit and be inspired!

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WASHLET® and the age-appropriate bathroom

Many people may not be ready to think about an age-appropriate bathroom – and would rather put that off for a later time. Age-appropriate bathrooms aren’t about comfort and hygiene alone. Even younger people can suddenly find themselves experiencing physical limitations, e.g. after an operation, an injury, or even “just” a pinched nerve. We’ll describe all the benefits of an “age-appropriate” bathroom and prove that these kinds of spaces can even look great.


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Descaling WASHLET®

WASHLET® owners know how great it feels to use the warm water cleansing feature. It’s necessary to descale WASHLET® regularly to keep it working perfectly over the long term – just like your coffeemaker. We’ll explain how this works.

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Is WASHLET® suitable for children?

When I attend events and Japanese-themed evenings, people often ask me whether or not WASHLET® is right for children. The short answer: yes, for sure! Read my personal story to learn why WASHLET® is especially great for children.

Bath & Wellness



What you always wanted to know about WASHLET® - but didn’t dare ask

There might be some questions that you’ve been too shy to ask – maybe on the topic of intimate cleansing or other questions about WASHLET®. Petra Sujatta has the answers.


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