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Productcode: TCF796CG
Discontinued end of 2020
  • tcf796cg WASHLET SX

Special features of WASHLET™ SX:

  • Manual descaling programme
  • Soft-closing seat
  • Continuous-flow water heater
  • Energy saver mode

Overview of the product

WASHLET™ features:

  • Three different types of sprays for precise, adjustable cleansing of the front and rear intimate areas
  • Option to activate additional massage spray & oscillating functions
  • Individually adjustable water pressure/temperature/position of the wand jet
  • Includes odour absorption, heated seat, PREMIST
  • The wand jet is always positioned above the ceramic and behind a protective flap on every TOTO WASHLET™ to ensure maximum hygiene


WASHLET™ SX has an especially modern, eye-catching design. It is the angular version of WASHLET™ RX, with identical features and technologies – for a cleaner, more refreshing everyday life. 


The SX model also blends in seamlessly with the ceramic as if it were one unified piece. At the same time, its simple, angular look complements all types and styles of bathrooms. 


All TOTO WASHLET™ models offer three different types of sprays for intimate cleansing – including the front cleansing spray as well as the rear and rear soft sprays to target these specific intimate areas. It is also possible to activate the massage and oscillating functions in addition to these sprays. You can change the spray, pressure and temperature of the water as well as the seat temperature as desired. A memory function makes it possible to save personal preferences for up to two people. Best of all, the easy-to-use remote control is available to activate all of these features. 


WASHLET™ SX also includes an integrated filter system, which absorbs unpleasant odours during and after use, as well as a heated, soft-closing seat. Finally, the SX model includes TOTO's PREMIST technology, which sprays the inside of the toilet bowl with a fine mist of water to help keep waste from sticking. 


It's easy to descale the SX model by simply removing the wand jet. Another benefit: You can use any commercially available descaler recommended by TOTO. 


The energy saver mode automatically activates when WASHLET™ is not in use for extended periods of time. 


WASHLET™ SX is a great starter model for people who prefer a simple, angular design – and don't want to live without hygiene and comfort. 

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Size (WxDxH in mm)
386 x 579 x 146
Urea resin
IF Design Award 2020
Required Accessory
WC SP, wall-hung only for WASHLET™
Connecting set for WASHLET™ with hidden connections

Innovation and Technology for this product

Warm Water Nozzle

Users can choose from more than just the Comfort and Front wash sprays. Additional functions allow users to personalise their cleansing experience. The focus is always on the gentle, comfortable spray that uses as little water as possible.
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PREMIST automatically sprays water over the surface of the inner toilet bowl before every use. Due to the ceramic’s hydrophilic nature, waste washes away more easily. Less dirt generally sticks to moist ceramic than dry ceramic.
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Highly effective deodorizing automatically takes places inside the toilet bowl both during and immediately after use, leaving no disturbing odours. TOTO uses a powerful activated charcoal filter system to keep the toilet and bathroom smelling fresh.
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Heated Seat

The moment you approach the toilet, the seat begins rapidly warming to a comfortable temperature. The temperature of the seat is individually adjustable by remote control. The heated seat is especially comfortable in the winter. Of course, it's possible to turn off the seat heating feature when it's warm outside.
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