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WASHLET® RG Lite with side connections

Fusion of design and function

Productcode: TCF34120GEU

Special features of WASHLET® RG Lite with side connections:

  • Especially hygienic and clean thanks to wand jet cleansing with dirt-repelling EWATER+ 
  • Soft-closing seat
  • Automatic AND manual descaling
  • Continuous-flow water heater
  • Energy saver mode
  • Side connections for easy retrofitting of existing TOTO toilets

Overview of the product

WASHLET® features:

  • Three different types of sprays for precise, adjustable cleansing of the front and rear intimate areas
  • Option to activate additional massage spray & oscillating functions
  • Individually adjustable water pressure/temperature/position of the wand jet
  • Includes heated seat
  • The wand jet is always positioned above the ceramic and behind a protective flap on every TOTO WASHLET® to ensure maximum hygiene


WASHLET® RG Lite with side connections is characterized by a simple design with soft, smooth lines, allowing it to easily fit and coordinate with any space. With its side connections it is an ideal starter shower toilet, offering all of the familiar features as well as added comfort and hygiene. 

The special feature on this WASHLET® model is TOTO's unique EWATER+ technology. EWATER+ is electrolysed tap water, which has cleansing and dirt-repellent properties. WASHLET® RG Lite with side connections cleans the wand jet with both tap water and EWATER+ after each use. Thorough cleaning of the shower toilet wand jet is especially important to ensure the highest possible hygiene for the intimate areas. It is also possible to activate the EWATER+ feature using the remote control to clean the wand jet as often as desired. EWATER+ is an especially environmentally friendly technology because electrolysed water turns back into regular tap water over time. 

WASHLET® RG Lite with side connections includes all of the cleansing features available on all TOTO WASHLET® models. There are three different spray types to choose from for intimate cleansing, and the option to add massage and oscillating functions as well. You can also adjust the position, pressure and temperature of the water as well as the seat in line with your own personal preferences. A memory function makes it possible to save individual settings for up to two people. All features are easy to activate using the supplied remote control. 

Other comfort and hygiene features include an heated seat and soft-closing seat.
The energy saver mode activates automatically when WASHLET® is not in use for an extended period of time. 

Descaling WASHLET® RG Lite with side connections is also easy as this model allows for both automatic and manual descaling. A programme controls the automatic descaling process, which uses a commercially available descaler recommended by TOTO. It is also possible to descale WASHLET® manually by removing the wand jet. 

Our customers love WASHLET® RG Lite with side connections for its extraordinary design as well as its many hygiene and comfort features. 


40 50663 09608 3
Size (WxDxH in mm)
383 x 540 x 130
Glass fibre reinforced plastics
Green Good Design Award 2018
Required Accessory

WC GP, wallhung

WC RP, wallhung

WC ES, wall-hung

WC NC, wall-hung

WC NC, back-to-wall, floor-standing

WC NC, close coupled

Ceramic cistern NC


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