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Productcode: TCF403REGV1
  • TCF403REGV1_CW512YR_7EE007 washlet SG
  • TCF403REGV1 washlet SG
  • TCF403REGV1 washlet SG
  • TCF403REGV1 remote controle washlet SG
  • TCF403REGV1 remote controle WASHLET SG

Special features of WASHLET® SG 2.0:

  • Especially hygienic and clean thanks to dirt-repelling EWATER+
  • Sensor-activated lid
  • Automatic descaling
  • Nightlight and continuous-flow water heater
  • Energy saver mode

Overview of the product

WASHLET® features:

  • Three different types of sprays for precise, adjustable cleansing of the front and rear intimate areas
  • Option to activate additional massage spray & oscillating functions
  • Individually adjustable water pressure/temperature/position of the wand jet
  • Includes dryer, odour absorption, heated seat, PREMIST
  • The wand jet is always positioned above the ceramic and behind a protective flap on every TOTO WASHLET® to ensure maximum hygiene


WASHLET® SG 2.0 is a shower toilet that offers high standards and added hygiene. Offering a number of comfort features, this model is the ideal all-round solution for greater well-being in the bath.  


The great benefit of this WASHLET® model is its very high standards of hygiene. Both the wand jet and toilet bowl are cleaned thoroughly after every use with EWATER+. This innovative TOTO technology electrolyses tap water, giving it dirt-repellent and cleansing properties – for maximum hygiene. EWATER+ is perfectly safe for the environment and eventually changes back into regular tap water. Another benefit of WASHLET® SG 2.0 is the touch-free sensor-activated lid, which lifts and lowers automatically once someone walks towards or away from the shower toilet. 


WASHLET® SG also includes the familiar features found in other models: People can choose from three different spray types for intimate cleansing. It's also possible to adjust the position, pressure and temperature of the water individually by remote control. A memory function can also save the preferred settings for up to two people. Other features found in TOTO's shower toilet include a dryer, odour absorption, heated seat and PREMIST technology. 


The automatic descaling programme on the SG model makes it easy to descale – the device tells you when it's time to descale, and is compatible with a series of commercially available descaling products recommended by TOTO. The energy saver mode also saves electricity by activating automatically when the shower toilet is not in use for extended periods of time. 


The nightlight is another helpful feature that helps people use the toilet at night. It automatically illuminates when someone approaches WASHLET®.


If especially high standards of hygiene and comfort are important to you, WASHLET® SG 2.0 is the perfect choice.

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Size (WxDxH in mm)
392 x 575 x 134
Green Good Design Award 2018
Required Accessory

WC SG, wall-hung

Metallic cover SG

Resin cover SG

Optional Accessory

We recommend upgrade set T9880039A for a simplified installation


Innovation and Technology for this product

Auto Functions

You can see a close-up of the display on the top of the Washlet. The words "Power" and "Energy Saver" appear in a black box next to two switched-off lights. Above this is the lettering "Neorest", to the left of this is the lettering TOTO and below this in a white box is the lettering "Clean" next to a gray circle.
Sensor-activated technologies make bathrooms more touch-free and therefore more hygienic. If you don't need to touch anything, you can't come into contact with bacteria. Our AUTO FUNCTIONS technology is used in TOTO WASHLET® and automatic faucets.
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The picture shows a toilet with a washlet. It is transparent in the middle so that you can see inside. A brown cloud is shown inside and a white arrow indicates that the air is being sucked into the washlet.
Highly effective deodorizing automatically takes places inside the toilet bowl both during and immediately after use, leaving no disturbing odours. TOTO uses a powerful activated charcoal filter system to keep the toilet and bathroom smelling fresh.
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The picture shows a washlet, the flap to the right of the nozzle is open. An air jet comes out of it, it is curved and colored orange/red.
The individually adjustable dryer follows the warm water spray to ensure a dry, clean overall feeling. You can find which WASHLET models have dryers by looking in the corresponding technical data.
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wand jet WASHLET
After each use, the WASHLET® wand automatically washes itself with EWATER+. This thorough cleaning occurs inside the wand as well as all around the exterior. Even when the toilet is not being used, the wand periodically cleans itself to ensure constant hygienic conditions.
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Heated Seat

The picture shows a washlet from above. The lid is open. The seat is highlighted in orange.
The moment you approach the toilet, the seat begins rapidly warming to a comfortable temperature. The temperature of the seat is individually adjustable by remote control. The heated seat is especially comfortable in the winter. Of course, it's possible to turn off the seat heating feature when it's warm outside.
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Illustration of PREMIST being sprayed onto the inside of the ceramic.
PREMIST automatically sprays water over the surface of the inner toilet bowl before every use. Due to the ceramic’s hydrophilic nature, waste washes away more easily. Less dirt generally sticks to moist ceramic than dry ceramic.
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Warm Water Nozzle

Picture shows a WASHLET nozzle with hot water
Users can choose from more than just the Comfort and Front wash sprays. Additional functions allow users to personalise their cleansing experience. The focus is always on the gentle, comfortable spray that uses as little water as possible.
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