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WC seat SP

removable, with soft-closing function and stainless steel hinges

Productcode: TC512G
  • Removable for cleaning
  • Soft-closing seat ensures greater hygiene as it requires little contact
  • Long-lasting due to corrosion-resistant stainless steel hinges
  • Angular, modern and elegant design

Overview of the product

The SP toilet seat blends in seamlessly with the toilet bowl, appearing to be one cohesive unit. Together, they also make the perfect duo when it comes to hygiene. In addition to maintaining the high standards of hygiene synonymous with the brand, TOTO made this seat from a material that is long-lasting and environmentally friendly – durable urea resin. A mild soap solution and a soft cloth are ideal to thoroughly clean the hygienic, non-porous surface without leaving any residues.


It takes just a push of the release buttons to detach the seat from the ceramic toilet bowl and access any hard-to-reach places. The stainless steel hinges are corrosion-resistant – an essential component to keep the seat securely attached to the toilet bowl for years to come. The practically silent soft-closing seat ensures even more comfort and hygiene in the bathroom. A simple tap is enough for the toilet bowl to close on its own, making hand contact unnecessary in both public and private washrooms. 

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Size (WxDxH in mm)
385 x 478 x 68
Urea resin
Optional Accessory

WC SP, wall-hung


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