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GP WC seat

removable, with soft-closing function and stainless steel hinges

Productcode: TC524EU
  • Removable for cleaning
  • Soft-closing seat ensures greater hygiene as it requires little contact
  • Long-lasting due to corrosion-resistant stainless steel hinges

Overview of the product

We have complemented our popular RP toilet model with a compact version with a shortened design (depth 490 mm).


The WC seat is made of urea resin, a long-lasting, durable and environmentally friendly material. A mild soap solution and a soft cloth are ideal to thoroughly clean the hygienic, non-porous surface without leaving any residues. TOTO designed its WC seats to be removed quickly and easily – for simple, thorough cleaning. It takes just a push of the release buttons to detach the seat from the ceramic toilet bowl and access any hard-to-reach places. The stainless steel hinges are corrosion-resistant – an essential component to keep the seat securely attached to the toilet bowl for years to come.

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Size (WxDxH in mm)
385 x 483 x 66
Urea resin
Optional Accessory
WC GP, wallhung


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