Gentle stream of warm water that envelopes the body

For a soothing shower with a precise, constant water flow and balanced temperature. WARM SPA is a single column of water that produces practically no splash on the body, enveloping you within, like a second layer of skin. The water keeps the entire body equally warm while being massaged, for a luxurious, comforting shower experience that allows you to completely relax – and even helps you get a good night’s sleep.

Bath before and after – the mean value


The values show a person’s body temperature during a bath, and one hour afterwards. A bath increases the body temperature by 0.4 degrees, while a shower with WARM SPA technology  warms the body by 0.3 degrees. The hand shower barely changes the temperature. Results are similar when measuring the temperature of a person’s palm: A bath or shower with WARM SPA technology increases the temperature by one degree, while the hand shower actually reduces it. The data show that TOTO’s WARM SPA technology essentially warms the body just like a bath. 

WARM SPA effect


The graphic shows that a conventional shower barely warms the body. Even a wide stream of warm water similar to our WARM SPA shower spray only heats the body up slightly. We developed our WARM SPA shower technology to envelope the entire body like a second layer of skin, warming the body in a noticeable and lasting way.