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New WASHLET™ models with an added extra

TOTO offers an optional automatic flush option with its Prime Edition WASHLET™ RW and SW models, as well as RX EWATER+ and SX EWATER+. This touch-free feature ensures even greater hygiene and comfort in the bathroom.
Simple and elegant, an absolute top class WASHLET™ in terms of hygiene and comfort: The new TOTO Prime Edition RW. The new model includes an automatic flush feature. WASHLET™ RW, SW, RX EWATER+ and SX EWATER+ are available with an optional automatic flush. TOTO developed its own frame system for this very purpose. All TOTO WASHLET™ models provide the utmost in comfort – and some even include extras: WASHLET™ RX EWATER+ and SX EWATER+ in rounded and angular form are now available with the new optional automatic flush. The new TOTO WASHLET™ RW and SW are available with the optional automatic flush.

TOTO consistently manages to bring more cleanliness and convenience into the bathroom with its ingenious extras. The four latest WASHLET™ models, RW, SW, RX EWATER+ and SX EWATER+ incorporate all of the available comfort and hygiene technologies people could want. Now, TOTO has taken this to the next level: with an optional automatic flush available with these models.


For some users, this one fewer touch means a lot more comfort. Once the user leaves WASHLET™, the device automatically detects whether the flush should be large or small based on the amount of time spent sitting on the toilet – and activates the flush accordingly. If the user spends between 6 and 30 seconds, the “small” 3-litre flush is activated – and the “large” 4.5-litre flush if the time is longer than 30 seconds.


Named the “World No. 1 Brand” several times for shower toilet sales, TOTO impresses with its RW and SW Prime Edition, as well as WASHLET™ RX EWATER +, SX EWATER +: all showing the brand’s unique expertise and while expanding its proven hygiene and comfort technologies.


Overview of the hygiene and comfort technologies available in the new WASHLET™ models:


  • Optional with an automatic flush feature 
  • EWATER+ to clean both the ceramic and wand jet with electrolysed water, which has an antibacterial effect
  • PREMIST to cover the toilet bowl with a fine mist of water, because it is more difficult for dirt to stick to moist ceramic
  • The powerful TORNADO FLUSH thoroughly cleans the entire toilet bowl
  • The special, durable CEFIONTECT glaze ensures a beautiful, long-lasting surface and largely prevents bacteria or dirt from accumulating in the toilet bowl.


For more information about WASHLET™ , see the TOTO website:


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