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Overview of the product

The following autofaucets are available:

TENA40AWV105: 4 l/min

DLE110ANE4: 4l/min

DLE110A2NE4: 4l/min

DLE105ANE4: 4 l/min

40 50663 09389 1
Size (WxDxH in mm)
117 x 105 x 178
Optional Accessory

Upgrade set for control unit


Innovation and Technology for this product

Self Power

A tap is mounted on a wall above a washbasin. The tap is switched on and a jet of water is coming out of it.
Most of TOTO's sensor-based, touch-free faucets are equipped with SELFPOWER technology. This means that they have their own integrated "hydroelectric power plant". The integrated technology allows the faucets to produce their own energy, reducing the amount of electricity and water needed. This is good for the environment and also saves money.
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