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2 tap hole single lever basin mixer ZL

concealed, projection 225 mm

Productcode: TLP02310EA
  • TLP02310E faucets ZL
  • Minimalistic, streamlined design
  • Ability to gently control the flow of water
  • Especially long-lasting due to COMFORT GLIDE technology

Overview of the product

The ZL single lever basin mixer has a minimalistic, streamlined design. TOTO focused on both the design and durability of the fixture in its development. TOTO's COMFORT GLIDE technology used here allows the lever on the faucet to move very smoothly and without any resistance - making it possible to precisely control the flow of water for years to come. The ceramic disk is one of the most important components in the valve. It is coated with DLC (diamond-like carbon) instead of being merely lubricated like conventional faucets. This ensures the faucet's longevity and ability to gently control the flow of water. 

40 50663 09612 0
Size (WxDxH in mm)
170 x 252 x 103
IF Design Award 2018


Innovation and Technology for this product

Comfort Glide

The picture shows a mixer tap. It consists of a single arm protruding from the wall and to the left of it is the tap lever. It is located a few centimeters next to the tap. Both taps are chrome-colored.
COMFORT GLIDE technology makes it possible to use the faucet easily and without resistance for many years to come. All TOTO faucets with a lever come equipped with this unique technology.
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