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Greater wellness and hygiene in the bathroom

A new attitude to life enters the bathroom with a shower toilet
TOTO WASHLET models from the Japanese bathroom supplier are simple, beautifully designed and easy for trained technicians to install. The RG model shown here is new to the collection. Photo: TOTO Shower toilets set a special accent in every bathroom and are an essential part of wellness in the home: A wand jet sprays warm water for intimate cleansing – and an incomparable feeling of freshness. Photo: TOTO A shower toilet with its many comfort and hygiene features is a great option for people who want a bathroom that is both lovely and fully accessible. It’s possible to swap out a conventional toilet for a shower toilet in rented flats or in small renovation projects. Photo: TOTO A close-up view of the TOTO WASHLET® RW. The sanitary experts from Japan designed one special feature on all shower toilets: The wand jet is placed above the ceramic to best protect it from soiling. It completely disappears behind a flap cover after use. It’s possible to select the type of spray for intimate cleansing, including a setting just for women. This warm water cleansing experience is both refreshing and comfortable. Photo: TOTO is a great help when searching for the right shower toilet for your home. Photo: TOTO

The idea of combining a toilet and bidet in one product came from Japan – and is becoming increasingly popular in Germany as well. A shower toilet allows people to feel fresh, clean and comfortable multiple times a day. Nearly all Japanese households have some type of WASHLET, which is why the shower toilet is also referred to as the “Japanese toilet”.


Makes toilet paper almost unnecessary – protecting the environment

When you try this type of toilet for the first time, it may feel a little unusual to use the toilet and also cleanse your intimate areas with one product. But this is how a a shower toilet works: Simply pressing the remote control sprays pleasantly warmed water from the wand jet. All models also have a “lady shower” especially for women. Everyone leaves feeling far fresher and cleaner than when using a conventional toilet. And it reduces the use of toilet paper to a minimum, which protects the environment. “Many people who have chosen WASHLET describe this experience as life-changing,” explains Hubertus Brüggemann at TOTO Europe. The remote control makes it possible to switch between different types of sprays and adjust the water temperature. People with limited mobility due to injury or aging will find WASHLET a great help and relief.


Shower toilet fits everywhere – even in small bathrooms

In addition to the cleansing feature, WASHLET has a number of other comfort options that may vary from model to model – like the automatic preheated seat with temperature setting, automatic flush or deodoriser. This keeps the air fresh and clean during and after use, and the next person won’t be surprised by unpleasant odours. Before WASHLET was available in Germany, bidets were the alternative to toilet paper – but these require space. A shower toilet fits in even small or guest bathrooms. It’s not even necessary to completely renovate the bathroom or wait to install a shower toilet until you build a new home: You can simply replace your conventional toilet with a shower toilet, and even install WASHLET in a rented flat. Find expert technicians who have the necessary knowhow to install WASHLET in your home at



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